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Time for a post-holiday detox and diet...

Latest articles | 19th August 2011 | 0 comments

There is no doubt about it, summer holidays are brilliant.  Sun, sea, sand and plenty of food....too much perhaps!  It seems many Brits have gone a bit over board this year with recent research by Churchill Travel Insurance showing the average holidaymaker has spent over £40 PER DAY on meals and snacks while on holiday!

Pants feeling tighter?  Well it’s no surprise with around 45% of people admitting that they eat more on holiday than at home.  If you were on an all-inclusive holiday then the statistics only get worse with 25% of people saying that they drank as much as they could in order to get their money’s worth!

As the summer season comes to an end you may have a nice tan to show off and some great stories, but there is probably a good chance that you are carrying a little bit of extra weight as well.  The real test will be when you have to squeeze back into your suit or work clothes for the first time!  So now is probably a good time to talk about trying a post-holiday detox, diet or fitness campaign! 

The problem for many people is that as well as over-eating on holiday it is also very easy to over-spend which means getting fit on your return needs to be done in a cost-effective way.  Here are some suggestions for you to work off the holiday bulge without spending a fortune:

  • Cut out the junk food – On holiday it is perfectly acceptable to snack away on whatever treats are offered up, but you need to balance this out by eating healthily when you get home.  Clear your kitchen of all snack foods and replace them with fresh fruit and vegetables.   By removing temptation you will find it much easier to stick to your new food plan, plus you will save money by not buying expensive, sugary rubbish!
  • Outdoor exercise – It will be winter before you know it so take advantage of the light evenings while you still can by going running or cycling for some fresh air to burn off some calories and boost your energy levels.
  • Get back into the gym routine – you can use to visit gyms on a pay-as-you-go basis which means you can completely control your costs whilst benefiting from the specialist facilities you can only get in a gym.  Use our Gym Finder tool to find a gym near you.
  • Set yourself a target – It is much easier to get fit if you have something to aim for so why don’t you sign up to a fun run or sporting event in a few weeks time?  Once you are back at work it can be easy to let your fitness plans slip, but if you sign up for an event you will have a target to aim for which will help you regain your pre-holiday figure!

We would love to hear about your holiday indulgences and what you are planning to do to get back in shape!


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