Breakfast like a King and save your Heart

Breakfast like a King and save your Heart

It’s been common knowledge for decades that breakfast is integral to a healthy lifestyle, in fact many people consider it the most important meal of the day. It also plays a key role in balancing your metabolism and boosting weight loss and new research has shown how it can have a positive impact on your heart’s health too.

New research published in the Circulation journal has found that men who regularly start each morning without a meal are 27% more likely to suffer from a heart attack or develop life-threatening heart disease. 

There are many other contributory factors that make up this 27% including the fact that people who skip breakfast are more likely to smoke and excessively drink alcohol and also tend to be younger, single and less active. Problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are also more prevalent in those who skip breakfast. Previous research has also shown that people who eat breakfast each day are less likely to develop obesity as they are less likely to snack between meas.

This study tracked the health of 26,902 men aged between 45 and 82 over 16 years and a shocking 1,572 of this number developed heart problems.

Incorporating a range of healthy foods into your breakfast is the best way to make it appealing and effective. This study has shown the skipping breakfast can cause even more problems than we thought. Of course there are pitfalls such as the fact the study only looked at men aged over 45 but it’s still a study worth sitting up and taking notice of.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

So what makes a healthy breakfast? We think it’s safe to say it’s not recommended you stuff yourself with sausages, bacon and fried bread every morning but there are a range of filling and satisfying options out there which will keep you full until lunch and stave off all those dangerous health problems. Below we’ve brought together some quick and easy options which are perfect for a balanced diet.

Egg and Soldiers

Traditional boiled egg and soldiers can’t be beaten. Choose a wholegrain bread and a low fat spread and you’re avoiding high cholesterol fats and you can opt for one or two boiled eggs dependent on your appetite. Eggs are packed full of healthy proteins and amino acids.

Pancakes and Fruit

Pancakes aren’t just for once a year. Having wholemeal pancakes for breakfast with fresh seasonal fruit and even some natural yoghurt can be the perfect way of perking up the day. If you opt for spelt pancakes you can even be helping to lower your cholesterol levels.

Veggie Breakfast

Why not think outside the box and try something a little different? Cook up some avocado, basil and tomato and serve it with your wholegrain toast and even a touch of balsamic vinegar. This recipe may sound an odd choice for breakfast but it’s packed full of omega3s and is extremely low-GI so you can enjoy consistent energy release throughout the day.

Eggs Again

We can’t stress how great eggs are as a breakfast food. This recipe is quick and simple and adds a bit of flavour to your day. Combine scrambled eggs with tasty feta cheese and you’re ready to go. The Low-GI carbs in this meal again help release energy into your body more slowly, meaning you’re less in need of more food quickly.

Quinoa Crazy

Quinoa is one of those grains they are being touted as a must-have food for a healthy diet. Having it for breakfast might seem weird but in fact it’s available in a flake cereal as well as a grain. Treat your body to a super goodness and add apple, cinnamon and flaxseeds to your quinoa cereal. Quinoa is packed out with protein whilst flaxseed is highly fibrous which keeps you full whilst also lowering your blood pressure.

Breakfast Burrito

We know we know burritos aren’t a traditional British breakfast food but they’re all the rage in the Americas and it’s easy to see why. Pack your tortilla with healthy egg whites, fat-free cheese and pinto beans and you’ll easily stay full until lunch. It may not be the most traditional breakfast option but it certainly works.

Other popular breakfasts such as oaty cereals and yoghurt and granola combos should not be discounted either but these are our top picks for a healthy week and there’s one for each week day so you can mix them up a little.

We’ve always known that breakfast is important but the evidence is stacking up to show just how much it really is. The risks of skipping breakfast correlate with an unhealthy lifestyle and therefore it’s something you simply must include every day of the week. These ideas are just the beginning, once you start enjoying your breakfasts you’ll be bound to think of others.




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