Fuller for Longer. A Look at Natural Appetite Suppressants

Fuller for Longer. A Look at Natural Appetite Suppressants

A nutritious diet is an essential alongside a healthy dose of exercise to remain fit and healthy.  If you’re trying to shed pounds and tone up the flab chances are you’ve cut your calorie intake and then have to find original and innovative ways to stave of hunger. This doesn’t have to be the way.

If you cut back your food intake your stomach will stage a very noisy protest and you’ll find it hard to maintain. Your body sense differences and reacts by pumping out more of the hunger hormone known as ghrelin. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doomed to fail though, you simply need to find foods which are designed to halt this process. There are many natural ways of suppressing the bottomless pit that is your stomach and here we’re looking at the top ten to keep in mind.


Perfect for snacking throughout the day or when you need something immediately. Almonds are packed with fibre, healthy fats and vitamin E. They’re known for their appetite suppressant qualities as they keep your stomach feeling full for longer. Eat them whole or add them to salads and cereals for an additional crunch and to stave off hunger.


Apples have been described by experts as the perfect afternoon snack. They’re packed full of soluble fibre which fills your stomach up nicely and natural sugars which regulate pectin which assists in the helping you stay full whilst maintaining energy levels. What’s more, the time you spend chewing an apple means you have to slow down and sometimes simply slowing down gives your body the chance to catch up and realise you’re not actually hungry.


The value of eggs in your diet cannot be underestimated. We mention them quite frequently because they’re a great source of protein and are packed with healthy fats. Healthy fats are a great way of keeping the stomach under the illusion that it’s full and evidence suggests that a breakfast that combines two egg whites and a single yolk can help control appetite for as much as 36 hours.


Flax-seeds are another of those super foods that you can slip into your diet inconspicuously. Grind them and add them to porridge or tip them into shakes or atop salads. They’re completely packed out with omega 3 fatty acids and fibres which fill up your gut. A single teaspoon of flax seeds can help you feel satiated and also fuelled to keep on training.

Green Leafy Veg

Green leafy vegetables are always mentioned and should always be part of a balanced diet. Packed with nutrients, low in calories and high in fibre – where can you go wrong? Munch upon these for meals, snacks and whenever you have a craving and you can keep hunger at bay without feeling guilty or ruining your plans.


Munching on a lemon is not for everybody and in fact it’s probably nobody’s idea of a nice snack! However, lemons are great for anybody with a sweet tooth that needs controlling. A salad topped with a light lemon dressing or a glass of lemon water before meals can help stave off those cravings for high calorie sweets and keep you on track.


Oatmeal is another of those staples that should form part of a healthy diet. It’s full of vital nutrients including bowel healthy fibre and it’s also known to increase levels of a specific hormone which can help with regulating the appetite and controlling hunger. Starting the day with a bowl of oatmeal is a great way to begin.


Studies have shown that starting every main meal with a cup of vegetable based broth will result in the overall consumption of less calories during the main course. Soups also help to maintain and encourage bowel function and strength and provide a valuable shot of fibre, vitamins and minerals.


From cinnamon in your apple smoothies to clovers and ginger in your curry spices are a really clever and flavourful way of controlling your appetite. Spices can help to stabilise your blood sugar levels and they help with slow down the speed a meal is processed through your body therefore keeping you feeling full for longer post meal.


Water is one of those things that really is essential to a healthy diet. We’ll mention it time and again and you really can’t underestimate its importance. It’s a known fact that humans regularly confuse thirstiness with hungriness and rather than always reaching for a snack when you feel hunger pangs, start with a glass of water. You could find you’re fully satisfied with the drink and save yourself those excess calories.

Managing a healthy diet is about balance and when you’re about the reach for that unhealthy snack think about the calories and think about some of the ways of incorporating appetite suppressing foods into your diet.



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