How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

If you’re groaning at the thought of flashing the flesh this summer then now is the time to get your gut into gear. Don’t fret though, there are ways to lose weight that won’t leave you feeling hungry and miserable; in fact, our tips will have you feeling and looking slimsational!

PLAN AHEAD: Being disorganised is a dieter’s biggest downfall as it’s so easy just to skip meals to ‘save’ calories because you haven’t planned a healthy, low fat meal instead. So, make Sunday your prep day and write out your weekly meal plan. Consider what you’ve got on in your schedule the week ahead and make sure your cupboards are stocked with calorie friendly foods.

LIQUID LIMITS: We all know that alcohol is full of empty calories and can really spoil your diet. If you’ll find it hard to cut it out of your life altogether, then go for low calorie drinks such as gin or vodka with slimline tonic and lots of ice. Dry white wine spritzers made with soda water and ice are refreshing and easy on the waistline. Easy ways to lose weight include avoiding pints and going for bottled if you’re a beer drinker and cutting out alcohol a few nights a week.

SNACK STASH: Keep low calorie snacks at hand for when the munchies strike to prevent you from choosing fattening treats. Keep nuts, fruit and low fat crisps in your drawer at work and in the car and get rid of the sweets and biscuits!

WEIGHT UP: Don’t avoid using weights in your workout for fear of bulking up. Studies on ways to lose weight have shown that just 11 minutes of weight training exercise 3 times a week will help reduce your body fat and raise the metabolism. If you’re unsure of what machines and weights to use and how to get an effective strength training workout then speak to a fitness expert at a gym or your local leisure centre to get a programme suitable for you.

QUIET TIME: It’s so easy to feel revved up at the start of weight loss regime only to find yourself slipping at the first temptation. If you give in to a burger or go bonkers on the biscuits, don’t let that stop you from getting back on the weight loss wagon – put your feeding frenzy behind you and move on. Taking some time out to yourself every day is one of the best ways to lose weight by re-focusing your mind on the goals that you are hoping to achieve. Take a walk around the park, a yoga class or just sit quietly and visualise your slimmer self to get you back in the right mind-set.

Ramping up your exercise routine is one of the essential ways to lose weight and help you shape up, so make sure you fit it into your day. If you’re not sure which gym or leisure centre is right for you, then take a look at for gyms that offer flexible membership options.


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