Metabolism Boosting Super foods. Enhance your body fat burning speed

Metabolism Boosting Super foods. Enhance your body fat burning speed

Boosting your metabolism is one way of helping your body towards a fitter future. A speedy metabolism means that you can deal with food more easily and your body will remain fitter and leaner for longer. We've discussed how you can boost metabolism by making changes to your lifestyle. Below are some key super foods which will also work towards moving your metabolism in the right direction.


Sardines are packed full of metabolism boosting ingredients. The ones to look out for are omega 3s, calcium and protein. Tinned sardines are just as good as fresh ones and you can spice them up in any number of ways to make them more enjoyable if you don’t like the natural flavour.

They offer a triple metabolic attack by offering all the above ingredients. Omega 3s work to reduce levels of the hormone leptin in your body, which has a positive influence on your metabolism. Secondly, they contain around 215 milligrams of calcium which is known for its links to weight loss and body fat reduction. Finally to protein to carbohydrates ratio favours the proteins and therefore steadies blood sugar levels to further enhance metabolic functioning.

Pro-Biotic Yoghurt

Pro-biotic yoghurts, specifically those that are low fat, are a great choice for speeding up your metabolism. Pro-biotic yoghurts are the best option for boosting your metabolism because they’re designed to regulate your digestive tract.

New research has shown that pro-biotic yoghurt can actually alert the body’s metabolic trends through biochemical effects. The most recent study looked at two focus groups, one taking probiotics and the other a placebo. The results showed that the bacteria in pro-biotic yoghurt actually communicate with the bacterial microbes in your digestive tract.

The testers who ate pro-biotics found improved function of their gut microbes which play a key role in the metabolic functioning of the body.

Turkey Breast

Turkey breast has always been heralded as a great food for those looking to increase their fitness and improve their health. It’s great for enhancing fat burning and helping to build lean muscle in the body. 

Turkey breast is high in protein levels and very low in fat which is ideal for boosting your body’s lean muscle tissue. Turkey does have tryptophan content but experts argue that this doesn’t necessarily have an adverse effect on energy and metabolism as it’s only a very small amount.

Jalapeno Peppers

Super spicy and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, if you do like your spice then don’t hesitate to add jalapenos to your diet. Jalapenos are full of capsaicin which is the chemical which gives them their sharp bite and hotness. Capsaicin causes an increase in your heart rate which raises your metabolism and it also stimulates a high release of stress hormones in your body – which elevates your metabolic rate and increases calorie burning.


Oatmeal is packed full of complex carbohydrates and fibre and a single serving will give you approximately 13% of your daily fibre needs. The combination of complex carbs and fibre will boost your metabolism because they take a long while to digest and therefore keep your insulin levels low in the period after eating. You avoid the jump in insulin that occurs with bread-products. Research carried out in the US Navy shows that those who ate oatmeal as part of their breakfasts saw a metabolic rate increase by as much as 10%.


Grapefruits are one of the most popular ‘diet’ foods around. They are packed full of juicy vitamin C which amplifies and improves your metabolic function. Vitamin C has also been shown to help burn fat and just half a grapefruit contains nearly 40 milligrams of it so that’s over a third of your daily requirement.

The chemicals in grapefruit have also been studied and some research suggests they could even potentially reduce the levels of insulin which again helps regulate fat metabolism. When your insulin levels are steady your body is able to process energy levels more efficiently.

A twelve-week study conducted in Florida showed that test subjects who ate half a grapefruit before each meal, three times a day, lost around 3.5lbs a day whilst those who didn’t only list 0.5lbs.

Incorporating some or all of these super foods into your diet could have a significant effect on your metabolism. Of course eating them alone won’t completely change your body and fitness levels but it will go a long way to supporting any exercise you’re doing. There are many other more exotic super foods including hemp milk which have metabolic boosting qualities but we decided to stick to the well-known foods you can find on the high street and probably enjoy regularly anyway.

Combining the right diet with the right exercise regime can be all you need to build a new body. Once you’ve reached your target however continue to keep these foods in your diet and maintain your exercise there’s no reason you can’t stay at your goal.



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