Tackling Fizzy Drinks Head On

Tackling Fizzy Drinks Head On

The buzz around fizzy and carbonated drinks has multiplied hugely recently after research from European scientists has shown that just one can of non-diet fizzy drink a day can increase the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes by up to a fifth. The research compared people who had one can a day compared to one or less a month and found these shocking results. The report was featured in the medical journal Diebetologia and has mirrored previous research carried out in the USA.

The research was carried out across eight European countries including the UK, France and Sweden and over 350,000 individuals were questioned to come to the results that were found. The consumption of these drinks is dangerous for our health, it’s now proven, and each time you drink one you’re stepping closer to Type 2 Diabetes. The leading researcher on this case Dora Romaguera has even called for clearer labelling of soft drink cans so buyers are truly aware of what they’re about to ingest.

The research has found a large increase in the number of people drinking sugar-laden fizzy drinks and therefore the need for clearer labelling has become a point for discussion.  More worryingly the risk of Type 2 Diabetes continues to be prevalent despite the drinker’s BMI, whilst usually people with a healthy BMI can feel safe in the knowledge they’re unlikely to be affected by the condition.

Industry Responds Positively

One of the world’s leading producers of soft drinks has already responded positively to the research as well as further findings regarding the link between carbonated drinks products and obesity. The multinational company have pledged to put clearer labels on their packaging so the calorie count is more obvious and they also plan to promote regular exercise through their labelling. The measures are said to be planned to be carried out over 200 countries.

The same company are also planning on ending all advertising aimed at children under twelve years old and their diet and zero calorie drinks will be made available in all countries they operate in. It’s always positive to see an industry leader taking steps in the right direction for the world’s health.

Healthy Alternatives to Fizzy Drinks

If you’re used to having a can in your hand but now want to make the change there are a range of healthy, tasty alternatives available to you. Below is a closer look at some of the healthiest alternatives which still taste great:

Water – it may sound obvious and it may even sound boring but there is no substitute for plain, standard water. Once you get into the habit of drinking it, it no longer feels like a chore and feeling properly hydrated can help your energy levels no end. Instead of the instant but short-lived buzz from a can of cola you can have lifelong healthiness and hydration with plain water.

Green Tea – the antioxidant benefits of green tea are well documented and it can also help you on your weight loss journey. Green teas now come in a number of flavours and you can find both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions depending on your personal preferences.

100% Fruit and Vegetable Juice – in an attempt to meet your daily quote of five fruits and vegetables a day why not make one of them a drink? 100% fruit and vegetable juices such as orange, tomato or carrot provide you with the same nutrients of regular fruit and vegetables. Health experts don’t recommend drinking solely fruit or vegetable juices as the fructose levels are high which can be damaging for your teeth.

There seems to be a fizzy drink problem in this country but whilst more and more research shows that they can be dangerous to our health and develop serious, life-limiting conditions such as Diabetes, it’s worth considering some of these healthy alternatives. It may seem hard initially but it’s definitely worth it for your future.


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