Exercise and Technology...Can technology really improve performance?

Exercise and Technology...Can technology really improve performance?

Absolutely everybody from your regular gym goer to high powered, medal winning athletes can access some form of technology to improve or bolster their athletic performance. From a simple smartphone app to much more sophisticated equipment, technology has become integral to enhancing performance and helping athletes push themselves further than ever before.

Sporting technologies are developed to help athletes and exercise enthusiasts improve and build upon their overall athletic performance. When you look at some of the most successful athletes their success can depend on tiny modules of time, as small  as tenths or hundredths of a second so finding ways to ensure their performance is at its best at all times is integral. The knowledge and application of new technologies and the latest developments is essential for sporting success. Developments can be anything from a new ergonomically designed golf club to advanced computer simulations or a simple time tracking device on your smartphone to help you track your personal progress.

The Benefits of Advanced Sporting Technologies

There are continual and ever changing developments in the field of sports technologies, with products main aim usually being to increase and enhance the performance of athletes of all levels. Of course the main focus of most products is for the top level competitors but there are products developed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all experiences.

The range of products available target different elements of an athlete’s whole workout and performance. For example, you can maintain and monitor your athletic health through the development of technologies such as heart rate monitors, body-fat monitors and pedometers, designed to track changes. These small developments allow for a more in depth knowledge of how the body works and evidence even suggests such devices allow athletes to compete and train when they’re older than would have been considered possible in the past. Understanding how your body works is integral to getting the most out of it. Equally safety products are just as essential with the development of better quality cycling helmets and body protection for those involved in combat sports. From an entertainment and enjoyment perspective sporting technologies are also responsible for enhanced broadcasting techniques.

Using Technology for Performance Enhancement

From clothing to electronic devices, technology is applied to every last item that comes into contact with the sporting world. Specifically designed sporting clothing is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure the necessary qualities for the user, for example, long distance runners and cyclists invest heavily in clothing which reacts to different climates in different ways. There’s evidence that even suggests full body swimming suits are able to rationalise competitor performance in instances where the winning times are separated by hundredths of a second.

Sporting equipment such as the newly designed composite tennis rackets is shown to reduce the risk of tennis elbow and of course, the modern bicycle is a far cry from those originally designed many years ago. With everything from pneumatic tyres to sophisticated specially designed wheels is researched in depth to ensure only the best equipment is available for top level performers.

Technology has even allowed those who may never have thought it possible to become involved in athletics and sport. Prosthetics is an extremely busy field of sporting technology at present with the wake of the Paralympics leaving a huge legacy. Springlite prosthetic legs and streamlined purpose-built racing wheelchairs have led to athletes reaching new feats and of course, allowed Oscar Pistorius to compete in the Olympics as well as Paralympic Games.  Without technology, these athletes may be unknown to us.

Technology and the average gym-goer

Of course all this information about the heights of technology benefitting the best athletes in the world is all well and good but what about you? If you’re looking to build upon your regular performance levels and be the best that you can be it makes sense to commit some time and funds to discovering what technologies can benefit your sport or exercise regime.

Regular gym goers can benefit from smartphone apps specifically designed to help you track your performance and push you to the next level. Apps are designed to help you plan your work out and then tweak it so you can reach the next stage of your training regime and ensure that you are pushing yourself to your limits and beyond. You can also track your progress and development with the majority of apps out there, allowing you to see significant growth in your strength and endurance. This can provide that essential motivational boost you needed to keep on going. If you set yourself achievable goals, without going too softly on yourself, you’ll soon see results and keep on pushing for those maximum limits, giving yourself something to be proud of.

Your motivations for exercising or attending the gym are highly personal but there’s no reason you can’t harness the power of technolog


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