We found 509 gyms within 20 of north-kensington

We found 509 gymS within 20 miles of north-kensington

We found 509 gymS within 20 miles of north-kensington

  • Clissold Leisure Centre

    N16 9EX (218 reviews)
    per pass£7.35
    per visit£7.35
    per pass£33.10
    per visit£6.62
    per pass£62.50
    per visit£6.25
  • SPACe

    N1 6HQ (666 reviews)
    per pass£6.30
    per visit£6.30
    per pass£28.35
    per visit£5.67
    per pass£53.60
    per visit£5.36
  • The King's Club

    SW19 4RJ 6.4 miles (72 reviews)
    per pass£5.00
    per visit£5.00
    per pass£22.50
    per visit£4.50
    per pass£42.50
    per visit£4.25
  • The Circle Gym and Spa

    SE1 2JE 6.6 miles (145 reviews)
    per pass£19.50
    per visit£19.50
    per pass£87.75
    per visit£17.55
    per pass£165.80
    per visit£16.58
  • Fit4less Tower Hill

    E1 8AL 6.6 miles (1296 reviews)
    per pass£8.00
    per visit£8.00
    per pass£36.00
    per visit£7.20
    per pass£68.00
    per visit£6.80
  • Heston Community Sports Hall

    TW5 0QZ 6.4 miles (19 reviews)
    per pass£3.85
    per visit£3.85
    per pass£17.35
    per visit£3.47
    per pass£32.70
    per visit£3.27
  • YMCA Wimbledon

    SW19 1RY 6.7 miles (124 reviews)
    per pass£6.00
    per visit£6.00
    per pass£27.00
    per visit£5.40
    per pass£51.00
    per visit£5.10
  • Everyone Active Northolt Leisure Centre

    UB5 4AB 6.4 miles (23 reviews)
    per pass£5.70
    per visit£5.70
    per pass£25.65
    per visit£5.13
    per pass£48.50
    per visit£4.85
  • Community Sports Centre

    TW2 7SJ 6.5 miles (134 reviews)
    per pass£3.20
    per visit£3.20
    per pass£14.40
    per visit£2.88
    per pass£27.20
    per visit£2.72
  • Park View Health Clubs

    N3 1LP 6.4 miles (33 reviews)
    per pass£9.95
    per visit£9.95
    per pass£44.80
    per visit£8.96
    per pass£84.60
    per visit£8.46
  • Anytime Fitness Hounslow

    TW3 1NW 6.4 miles ( reviews)
    per pass£8.00
    per visit£8.00
  • Miami Health Club Ltd

    SE1 5TY 6.5 miles (16 reviews)
    per pass£4.50
    per visit£4.50
    per pass£20.25
    per visit£4.05
    per pass£38.30
    per visit£3.83
  • Pure Muscles Gym - Harrow

    HA1 2RZ 6.5 miles ( reviews)
    per pass£10.00
    per visit£10.00
    per pass£45.00
    per visit£9.00
    per pass£85.00
    per visit£8.50
  • Finchley Lido Leisure Centre

    N12 0GL 6.6 miles (71 reviews)
    per pass£8.15
    per visit£8.15
    per pass£36.70
    per visit£7.34
    per pass£69.30
    per visit£6.93
  • Wimbledon Leisure Centre

    SW19 1EW 6.7 miles (232 reviews)
    per pass£8.55
    per visit£8.55
    per pass£38.50
    per visit£7.70
    per pass£72.70
    per visit£7.27
  • Anytime Fitness City of London

    E1 8DE 6.7 miles (44 reviews)
    per pass£9.50
    per visit£9.50
  • Xercise 4 Less Hounslow

    TW3 3LF 6.8 miles ( reviews)
    per pass£2.50
    per visit£2.50
    per pass£11.25
    per visit£2.25
    per pass£21.30
    per visit£2.13
  • Everyone Active Southall Sports Centre

    UB1 1DP 6.7 miles (3 reviews)
    per pass£5.65
    per visit£5.65
    per pass£25.45
    per visit£5.09
    per pass£48.00
    per visit£4.80
  • Tooting Bec Athletics Track and Gym

    SW17 3NP 6.8 miles (53 reviews)
    per pass£6.50
    per visit£6.50
    per pass£29.25
    per visit£5.85
    per pass£55.30
    per visit£5.53
  • Featherstone Sports Centre

    UB2 5HF 6.8 miles ( reviews)
    per pass£2.50
    per visit£2.50
    per pass£11.25
    per visit£2.25
    per pass£21.30
    per visit£2.13


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27161 customers reviews for gyms in north-kensington rated 4.30 out of 5

State of Mind Fitness

Great workout, the staff are very helpful and really motivate you to achieve your goals. I would recommend this gym to others!!...
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Go Mammoth - Hammersmith

Such a fun class - tailored to our individual abilities and a fantastic instructor!
View details

Lumi Power Yoga

Having not done Yoga for a while, I attended the Basics class. The instructors and other members were approachable and friendly....
View details

Yoga Roots London

It was an amazing class with a great instructor in a really calming environment. Loved it.
View details

NY Pilates Studio London

This studio is really nice with lovely equipment - the mats we used in the mat class were wonderful! The class I took was...
View details

Aerial Active - Shepherds Bush

Great to vary your exercise routine with this class. Good location and easy to find.
View details
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