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Day Pass

Can I cancel a pass?

Unused individual Day Passes can be cancelled at any time during their 30 day validity period. Refunds will be put into your PayAsUGym account immediately as bonus credit.

How long is my Day Pass valid for?

Day Passes are valid for 30 days from date of purchase.

What facilities are available?

The icons on the gym’s page will let you know which facilities are included within the Pass – if there’s a weights icon you will be able to access the gym, if there’s a swimming icon you’ll be able to access the pool. Check the gym’s description and facilities tab to learn more about which facilities they offer. 

Can I use bonus credit?

Yes, you can use bonus credit to purchase Day Passes. Bonus credit is valid for 30 days once added to an account, giving you plenty of time to put it towards a pass purchase. 


Can I cancel?

FitFix 5s and FitFix 10s can be cancelled if unused within 14 days of purchase. Contact us at info@payasugym.com to cancel these Passes. Once used, FitFix Passes cannot be cancelled.

How long is my Pass valid for?

FitFix 5s are valid for 30 days from date of purchase. FitFix 10s are valid for 60 days from date of purchase.

Can I use bonus credit?

Yes, you can use bonus credit to purchase a FitFix 5 or a FitFix 10. Bonus credit is valid for 30 days once added to an account, giving you plenty of time to put it towards a pass purchase.  


Which gyms can I visit?

With a Monthly+ Pass, you can visit your chosen gym as well as all other clubs which offer a Monthly+ Pass of their own, where the monthly renewal price is less or equivalent to the one of your chosen club.  You can check which gyms you can visit through your account and before you purchase your chosen Pass. You can visit each gym that you have access to as many times as you like! 

How long is my Pass valid for?

Your Monthly+ Pass will remain valid for as long as you want to keep it active - it will automatically renew on the same date of each month

How can I cancel my Pass?

Monthly+ Passes can be cancelled and refunded within 14 days of your first month's purchase (minus the value of any visits you have made prior to cancellation). This will be refunded to your PayAsUGym account - please contact us on livechat or through the help button and we'll be able to refund this back to the card that was used to purchase the Monthly+ Pass.  After the initial 14 day cooling off period, you can cancel your Monthly+ Pass to prevent your next renewal. To cancel, go to your settings page, available through your account menu. 

Can I use bonus credit?

You can use bonus credit to pay for up to 50% of any Monthly+ Pass (including renewals). Bonus credit is valid for 30 days once added to an account, giving you plenty of time to put it towards a pass purchase.  Leave reviews and refer friends to earn more credit!


Why is the entry process different for PureGym than other gyms on PayAsUGym?

PureGym clubs don’t have a manned reception in the way that most of the clubs listed on PayAsUGy do, they use a door keypad entry system which allows 24hr access instead. To ensure that you can access PureGym whenever you like, we have integrated into PureGym’s system. This means that instead of receiving a PayAsUGym code when you purchase a pass, you will need to generate a PureGym PIN code through your account in advance of every visit to PureGym.

Are PureGyms 24 hour gyms?

Most PureGym clubs are open 24 hours but some have restricted opening times. Please check club pages on PayAsUGym for opening times.

I’ve purchased a pass for a PureGym – how do I access the gym?

In your PayAsUGym account, you will see the option to generate a PIN code. This is the PIN code that you need to type into the keypad to gain entry to the gym. Once generated, the PIN code will be valid until 23:59 that night. You will be sent your PIN code via email and SMS from PureGym. It will also be available through your PayAsUGym account.  

Do I get access to classes?

Your PayAsUGym pass for PureGym only includes access to the gym facilities, not the classes.

What’s the difference between PureGym and PayAsUGym

PureGym is a chain of gyms. PayAsUGym is an online health and fitness marketplace, which sells gym passes for gyms across the UK. Passes for some PureGyms are available to purchase through PayAsUGym. 

My PIN code didn’t work in the door keypad – what do I do?

Ensure that you have entered your generated PIN code into the keypad. If your generated PIN code isn’t working, press the intercom at the gym entrance and someone will let you in. Please also contact us via livechat or on info@payasugym.com so that we can investigate why your PIN code didn’t work.

Can other people use my PIN code?

No, it’s important that you don’t give your PIN code to others to use. To protect their customer’s interests and safety, entrances to PureGyms are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day. Any users found flouting this rule will not be allowed entry in the future.

Can I access any PureGym venue with my PIN code?

PIN codes are site and person specific – that means once you have generated your PIN code for a specific site you will only be able to use it to access that one site.If you have a Monthly+ Pass, in your PayAsUGym account you will be shown the PureGym clubs you have access to dependent on their Day Pass price. You will need to generate a PIN code for the specific site which you wish to visit.

Can I transfer my pass to an alternative PureGym?

If you have purchased a pass for PureGym but not yet generated a PureGym PIN code, we will be able to cancel your pass and then you can repurchase for the PureGym of your choice. 


How do I use my pass?

Once you've purchased a pass, you'll receive an 8 digit pass code via SMS and email. Just take your pass code through to the gym with you along with some ID and you're good to go! 

How old do I have to be to purchase a pass?

You will need to be at least 16 to purchase a pass for the majority of gyms on PayAsUGym. Some gyms require you to be 18 - when this is the case this will be stated in the club's description. 

How do I access a venue once I’ve purchased a Pass?

You will receive an 8 digit pass code via SMS and email once you have purchased your Pass. Your pass code will also be available in My Passes. Simply take your pass code and some ID to the venue and you’re good to go!

Can I leave feedback for my visit?

Absolutely! You can leave feedback for every visit that you make with a Day Pass, and every fifth visit per venue with every other Pass type. For each 5 pieces of feedback that you leave, you'll receive £5 credit. To ensure that all feedback left is accurate and representative of your visit, the feedback request will be available on your account for 72 hours after your visit. Feedback is a great way to let other customers know what to expect from their visit, and to let the venues know what you think!

Can I buy a pass for a friend?

You can only purchase passes for yourself through your account. Why not refer your friends to convince them to join - they'll receive a 50% discount and you could earn up to £30!

Can't find the answer to your question here?

Our support team are here to help. You can reach us at info@payasugym.com or via livechat on the website, Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm.

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