A look back at the top workout trends of 2014

A look back at the top workout trends of 2014

It’s been a busy year, yet again, in the fitness world. New hot exercise options have grabbed our attention, while there’s been a shift towards the oldies-but-goodies style workouts. Let’s take a look at the top trends:

1. Crossfit.  

Finally - a workout where it’s impossible to die from boredom. Crossfit has so many options it’s not surprising there are now millions of loyal global followers. This conditioning programme mixes back-to-basics exercises like weightlifting and gymnastics with plyometrics and other high-intensity activities.

2. Accessorize.

2014 saw a trend for resistance bands, tubes and loops to be added to cardio and resistance workouts such as Crossfit.  Even machines like treadmills, step climbers and rowers were becoming a common feature in group exercise classes.

3. Insanity workout.  

Apparently burning 1,000 calories in just 45 minutes, it’s no surprise Insanity has become one of the gym buzzwords of 2014. Either practiced on DVD or in gyms, it is a cardio-based total-body  conditioning programme featuring 3 to 4 minute bursts of high intensity exercise, spaced with 30-second rests.

4. Competition.

Training against other people in terms of distance and time has become more popular. How fast can you run a 5k? How many push ups in a minute? Social media, fitness gadgets and blogs such as the 100 Squats a Day challenge have encouraged people to share and compare their progress.   

5. Boutique clubs. 

Specialised, personal fitness studios such as hot yoga and Soulcycle made up 21 per cent of the US fitness market this year. From niche equipment and intimate, personalized classes  to brilliant marketing and large club operators, boutiques are cool classes with clientele, not customers.

6. Holistic wellness.

Fitness has developed into a concept about more than just going to the gym. Gym staff are often now also health coaches dispensing advice on nutrition, diet, and exercise psychology such as motivation and mental strength

It’s an exciting time in fitness. At payasUgym, we can’t wait for 2015! 


The Author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for PayasUgym. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.


Olga N.
27 February 2015

Olga N.

Insanity was totally the one for me last year, I was so pleased when they started doing it in my gym as it's more motivating than at home with the DVD for me!

Richard H.
31 December 2014

Richard H.

probably not, craig, it's pretty intense. Best ask your instructor though they will be able to tell..

craig t.
29 December 2014

craig t.

I have never heard of Insanity but it sounds just up my street for 2015. Is it suitable for someone with a dodgy back ?

Roger B.
27 December 2014

Roger B.

1000 calories in 45 minutes? Really? I shall have to work up to that one but it sounds a real panacea to the middle-aged spread!

Clare R.
26 December 2014

Clare R.

as what starts in America comes to the UK, it will be our turn next for some of these new workouts. I like the idea of Soulcycle!

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