Find your gym buddy at PayasUgym

Find your gym buddy at PayasUgym

You can now purchase a pass for yourself and your Gym Buddy (or buddies, even) by linking your accounts at

They still need to have their own account with a valid phone number, so that we can send them their Unique SMS Pass Code, and so that they fill out their own PARQ form.

How does it work?

Once you have decided which gym you want to go to, add the number of passes you require (you plus your gym buddy). Then head to checkout.

add your passes to basket...

The first checkout screen will ask you if you are buying any passes for your gym buddies. Select yes.

buy a pass for your gym buddy...

Assign the pass to the correct buddy using the dropdown menu and click ‘Add to Gym Buddy’. Then proceed to checkout.

assign a pass to your gym buddy...

5% Discount

When you purchase a pass for yourself and your Gym Buddy, you both get a 5% discount off the price of your passes, so everybody wins.

Get a discount when you purchase a pass for you and your gym buddy...

Where do I find my passes?

You will each receive your own Unique SMS Pass Code to use at the gym, as well as a notification in the Gym Buddy tab in My Account. 

Where to find your passes...

Then all you need to do is choose a time that suits you both, and head to the gym!


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