Fitness trends for 2015

Fitness trends for 2015

A new year brings with it all the promise of resolutions, keep fit regimes and of course, the latest fitness trends. So what does 2015 have in store for us?

Here are a few crazy, and not so crazy, new fitness trends for the New Year.

Body Weight Training

Remember HITT? High-Intensity Interval Training was all the rage last year, but it’s been ousted by Body Weight Training. Think star jumps, crunches, spotty dogs and lunges and you’re there. Body Weight Training is the cheapest form of exercise because all you need is, well, you!

Punk Rope

A kind of weird mix of punk rock and jump rope? Nearly. It’s basically what you used to do with a skipping rope as a kid in the playground, just for grown-ups. Skipping burns mega-calories and it can be super-fun too. Two people can swing the rope while one tries not to make a fool of themselves by leaping in the middle. Fun, and even funnier if you can’t do it properly!

Aerial Yoga

There are now so many types of yoga that we’ve lost count. We’ve even covered naked yoga in this section previously. Now yoga is taking to the skies – basically trying to create some kind of trapeze event while relaxing and stretching. Using a hammock or sling-type piece of material, a number of poses are performed to strengthen the core and tone the body.

Hot Barre

Like Bikram Yoga, where you sit in a hot room and sweat it out while trying not to pass out, Hot Barre uses classical ballet moves, only in a room heated to 40 degrees. It’s meant to deepen the stretches as your body relaxes into it, and it’s hot right now (geddit?) in places like New York and Los Angeles.

Perhaps 2015 will see you swinging from the rafters or tangling yourself up in a skipping rope?  

The Author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running, strength training, Pilates and Yoga. When she's got time to herself you might find her knitting, or in the kitchen trying out an elaborate recipe - healthy of course!.


Clare R.
8 January 2015

Clare R.

whatever next? I like the idea of dusting off the skipping rope though!

craig t.
4 January 2015

craig t.

Forget all the annual fads, it will all eventually come back to basic bodyweight exercises. No gimmickry is needed to be fit and healthy.

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