Guest Post: 5 reasons you need a gym buddy

Guest Post: 5 reasons you need a gym buddy

Curling up in front of a roaring warm fire with a hot chocolate when the wind is howling outside vs venturing to the gym alone. Which one would you choose? I think I can guess.

Well the good news is that you can have your hot chocolate (make it a Wedges & Weights healthy high protein version of course) post workout, but first you need to find a ‘gym buddy’ that you can meet up with at the gym, as it’s time to kick each other in to shape!

Finding your own ‘gym buddy’ really is pretty simple, look out for them in your gym class, the weights area, local sports clubs, fitness apparel shops, the list goes on. Give them a smile, strike up a convo, and the rest will be history!

I’m going to share with you 5 reasons why you need to get your hands on your very own ‘gym buddy’, quick…


Not only can they scream and clap their hands shouting “come on” at you as you struggle through those final few reps; if you’re not in the mood or you’ve had a slightly challenging day in the office, they’ll also help you get your head in the game, making sure you give it your all every time.


By setting regular dates and times with your ‘gym buddy’ at the start of each week you are more likely to stick to the schedule and not skip your workouts! Forget about using any silly excuses, they won’t cut it with your new ‘gym buddy’ and you wouldn’t want to let your fit friend down now would you?



We all need a spotter in our lives, and your ‘gym buddy’ will be just perfect! As well as them being able to spot you when things are getting heavy, it’s also fun to incorporate partner exercises into your workouts too. So as well as sculpting your bodies and burning fat, you’ll also have a great giggle at the same time! Winner!



Are you guilty of treadmill checking? Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, peering over to see what level the guy or girl next to you is on. Thought so. Training with someone is a fab way of challenging yourself as it helps push you to your limits, especially when it comes to AMRAP challenges. Crank up the intensity and go for gold!



Okay, so this might not be exactly gym related, but as well as all of the above, you’ll also have found someone that gets you and your obsession for brightly coloured trainers. Grab coffee together, join a sports team, go fit fashion shopping together… your ‘gym buddy’ really will become your brand new fabulously fit, fun friend.

I’d love to hear who your ‘gym buddy’ is, leave a comment below or tweet me @RealHannahMills, let us know what makes them the perfect ‘gym buddy’!

The Author

Hannah Mills

Hannah is a fitness fanatic, blogger and vlogger who is passionate about making sure that health and fitness is about living a healthy lifestyle, and not quick fixes and fads. You can train with Hannah or catch her videos on YouTube and her blog - Wedges & Weights..


DeletedFname1798033 D.
26 February 2015

DeletedFname1798033 D.

Yes I fully agree with this post. Not all of us but majority of us need a gym buddy. Gym partners helps to keep us committed, motivated, and provide the social support. Through this the workout session become more interesting and enjoyable. To know more you can visit

Trevor D.
13 November 2014

Trevor D.

I have an outdoor gym buddy - a visiting small child! She doesn't do sitting down and she's quite right!

DeletedFname1561083 D.
13 November 2014

DeletedFname1561083 D.

I need a gym buddy :( I have a PT but I need to break away and find the motivation myself!!

Olga N.
12 November 2014

Olga N.

I couldn't have gone to the gym without my friend for the first few times, we soon grew apart and into our own separate routines but I never would have gone without her.

Roger B.
10 November 2014

Roger B.

it sounds cheesy - but I remember the yells of the fitness instructor in my aerobics days (Don't laugh...) and it really does work!

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