Put the fun back into running with these quirky races

Put the fun back into running with these quirky races

By Katherine Webb

Bored of your usual runs? How about wobbling along in a Sumo outfit, or boozing it up while you run? Quirky/themed races are a fun way to try a race without the pressure. There’s something for everyone too - even if you hate running!

Fit for Food

Some people will do anything for a doughnut. The American Krispy Kreme Challenge lets you chomp down 12 of them whilst running 5 miles. Prefer savoury?  Try the New York Hot Dog Challenge Race. Perhaps not good ones to do when you’re on a diet.

If you prefer indulgences of the alcoholic kind try the Bacchus Half Marathon. It’s 2.5k fancy dress fun run through a UK wine estate, with wine samples during the run and a full glass of vino and hog roast at the end.

Dress it up

Ditch the boring shorts and Lycra! Don a crazy costume instead and embrace looking ridiculous. The very popular Sumo Run gets you in a huge inflatable suit - perfect for running 5k in the summer heat!

Prefer to indulge your animal instincts? The Great Gorilla Run in London sees hundreds of people running 8k dressed up as gorillas to help save gorillas from extinction. So if you’ve ever wanted to dress up as a gorilla, (or is that just us?) now's your chance! It's on the 20 September - still time to sign up!

If you yearn to be brighter as well as fitter, the Run or Dye race will happily squirt you with dye every kilometer. Aiming simply to make the world a happier place, it may just be the most fun exercising you’ve ever done. Definitely the most colourful! 

Running in the dark

Most of us can run in the park. But can you glow in the park? Competitors run these 5k or 10k races on dark November nights with a glowing headband, flashing bangles or just hi-viz clobber. Anything that glows goes!

Think you’re so fit you’re scary? Try the 5k or 10k Spooky Sprint run in Halloween costumes at nighttime with head torches. In aid of Parkinson’s Charity, both adults and kids will love this one.

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Sarah L.
10 September 2014

Sarah L.

oh dear, this brings back bad memories of the university 'Circle Line pub crawl'. I wonder if they still do that, dashing between stations and pubs? I hope not!

Sasha B.
9 September 2014

Sasha B.

I love how running has become so crazy and fun lately, it really does make you wonder what they're going to think of next.

Richard H.
8 September 2014

Richard H.

haha love it. Esp the wine run. Not sure how it works for fitness levels but sounds a like a good afternoon out!!

Mike D.
7 September 2014

Mike D.

I had no idea there were so many different races in the autumn. It's easy to lose motivation when summer's over so some great ideas here.

Matthew C.
5 September 2014

Matthew C.

I can vouch for the London Sumo run, having recently done it. Great fun, very hot and sticky, and I raised £455 for charity.

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