The five best waterproof fitness trackers

The five best waterproof fitness trackers

Choosing a fitness tracker is not an easy job. We’ve tried to make a little easier by choosing five of the best swim-proof trackers, to save you time.

From expensive to not so expensive, there’s something here for all budgets and requirements.

1. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular): £379, John Lewis

For the keen swimmer the Apple watch can automatically and accurately track distance, lengths, time and stroke type. It has built-in GPS to enable you to map open water swims and it also offers a multi-sport option.

Along with swim tracking, the watch also handles general iPhone calls and all the notifications. If this isn’t a priority then you’ll be better with a dedicated fitness watch.

2. Moov Now: £57.93, Amazon

At a much more reasonable price, the Moov Now; packs in some serious swim-tracking.

It’s lightweight and tracks laps, times, pace, distance and stroke.

After your swim it breaks down data into lengths and shows how long each lap took.

The Moov Now can take the pressure up to 30 metres of water.

3. Samsung Gear Fit Pro2: £209, John Lewis

The Gear Fit Pro2 has a curved, colour high definition screen, which be read easily underwater. It can measure lap time and distance, includes the built-in Speedo On app and for multi-sport athletes, includes MapMyRun, Endomondo, MyFitnessPal and UnderArmour Record apps.

It comes with a choice of straps and is lightweight.

4. Garmin Forerunner 935: £426, Amazon

This Garmin is a comprehensive watch with swim-based features aimed at triathletes.

It automatically detects stroke type as well as lengths, distance, pace and stroke count.

You can customise metrics on-screen during your swim, and there are also time and distance alerts.

5. Polar V800+: £389, Polar

The Polar V800 answers Garmin’s Forerunner with a cheaper price. It uses GPS and automatic tracking, using a built-in accelerometer as well as being adept at detecting your swimming style and rest times.



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Jim R.
24 July 2018

Jim R.

I have to say that my old Timex watch with lap counter button was hard to beat for price and simplicity. Sadly it needed a new battery and so was no longer waterproof. I haven't been able to find another one, certainly not that cheap.

Paula C.
19 July 2018

Paula C.

I'd like one of these but shame they're so pricey!

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