Top Rainy Day Fitness Necessities

Top Rainy Day Fitness Necessities

The rain shouldn’t be a reason for shunning exercise – but to get the most out of a rainy day you’re going to need some specific gear to either make getting out in the rain more bearable, or for some activities that don’t involve going outside. Here are some of the best bits of equipment and gear.

A waterproof and breathable jacket

An essential piece of kit for anyone who cycles, runs or walks outdoors for fitness, a snug fitting jacket will keep the rain off and keep sweat out. This will become your firm friend during winter and spring exercising when the weather isn’t so dependable. Try one like HPE Clothing's Formula40 AllDry windbreaker or a North Face lightweight jacket.

Waterproof Smartphone case

If you like listening to music, tracking your run or bike ride, sharing your route with friends or calculating the calories you’ve burned then a Smartphone is most likely going to be with you on your workout. However if you’re running through the wet weather you’ll need a case sturdy enough to stand the water onslaught. Try Lifeproof iPhone 4/S case & armband or WaterSkin for iPhone 4/4S, Galaxy S2 & iPad 3

Sturdy shoes with grip

If you’re running outside in the rain, especially off-road, then you’re going to need a sturdy pair of trainers such as a pair for fell running which provide extra grip. They are made with breathability so your feet won’t overheat, but they’ll stop you slipping and taking a tumble on saturated ground. There is no one shoe that’s right for everyone but makes including New Balance, Inov-8, and Salomon all make great trainers.

A hat

It’s amazing what a good hat can do to your mood while exercising in the rain. For runners, a beanie in winter might be best, or if running in spring, or cycling, try a lightweight cap with a peak.

A decent swimming costume

Not everyone wants to head out on a rainy day, but you might still want to get wet in the pool. A good swimming costume will last and depending on how keen you are, can even improve performance. Speedo is still the household name for swimmers, and continue to make great technical yet affordable swimwear.

Wicking socks

If you’re running in wet weather then your feet are more prone to blistering. By getting some specialist socks that wick away moisture you can reduce the risk of blistering and general discomfort on your wet feet.

High vis vest

When it rains it’s often darker and visibility from the spray can be poor. Your safety is paramount which is why you need to stay seen. A high vis vest will ensure that cars can see you from a distance, and you can also get stick on reflectors for extra visibility.

A good fitness DVD

It’s good to exercise outdoors in the rain, but if there’s a thunder storm then really it’s far safety to stay indoors. A good fitness DVD is a short-term alternative to you getting out for your usual run or bike ride and if you can’t make it to the gym because of the weather then at least you’re getting some form of workout from the comfort of your own home.

Waterproof leggings or shorts

It’s no fun running in waterlogged trousers. The effort is doubled, and you feel pretty miserable overall. Invest in a decent pair of running trousers or shorts that repel the water to help you feel faster and dryer, even if it’s pouring down outside.

Waterproof sports watch

If you don’t want to cart your iPhone or other Smartphone around with you in the rain, then a good waterproof sports watch is a perfect alternative. Lightweight, with GPS tracking, most are water-resistant and give you something to focus on rather than worrying about the weather. Try something like the Breo TimeZone watch if you want to keep things simple.


They seem to be everywhere at the moment, not necessarily related to sport and fitness. There’s a lot to be said for the humble tracksuit however. Both before and after exercising in the rain it’s really important to keep yourself warm, dry and comfortable. Keeping warm prevents your joints seizing up and will help to keep your health in tip top condition. There’s nothing nicer that throwing on a comfortable tracksuit after having a workout in the rain.

Gym pass

There’s no reason not to exercise if it’s raining – especially if you have a gym pass to a gym where practically every sport and exercise can be covered and you’re inside for it all. No excuses!

A kettle

If you have braved the outdoors in the rain it can leave you feeling a little bit bedraggled. One thing that’s sure to cheer you up, warm the cockles and rehydrate you all at the same time, is a good cup of tea. Simple things are sometimes all you need!



Phillip H.
28 January 2014

Phillip H.

love it! As an old colleague of mine used to say 'get out there - you're not made of sugar!' I do query running with earphones in, though - doesn't seem the best idea for hearing the traffic or anything else that might be coming up.

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