No-one needs to be told that keeping as fit as possible is all important. Exercise needs to be a way of life for best chance of good health. If you need a bit of motivation to get your daily exercise, these 5 reasons should do the trick:


There’s nothing like exercise for dealing with stress. It could be the distraction of a dance workout. It could be the sheer release of a boxing session (without actually hitting anyone!) or the exhaustion of a serious HIIT workout. Whatever it is, you won’t be taking your daily stress home from the gym.


It isn’t just your external muscles that stay supple through exercise. The heart and cardiovascular system can also be kept flexible by getting moving. Regular sessions have the most benefit, so get breathless every day.


The efficiency of the human body means that it takes a lot of work to ‘exercise off’ food. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a try with exercise. Also, while you are working out, running or swimming you are most unlikely to be eating!


Weight bearing exercise is essential to keep bones strong and healthy. That can really pay dividends in later life as a defence against bone aging. Walk, run and lift to keep ‘them bones’ going strong. Any kind of resistance exercise does the trick, so dust off those rubber bands and try out some new gym machines .


Exercise has been repeatedly shown to have a positive effect on mood. Everything from ‘a bit fed up’ to actual depression is helped by the physical effects of exercise.  We all feel better about ourselves with even a gentle walk, so it doesn’t have to be a full-on workout. Make the effort each day and it will really pay off.

Forget the excuses - concentrate on these good reasons to get moving every day.


The Author

Patrick Law

Patrick is a keen touch rugby and football player and regular gym goer. He also enjoys long-distance running.


Simon J.
26 December 2018

Simon J.

after yesterday's food fest today has indeed been about those 2 minutes of exercise - everyone is entitled to a little time off! I will turn the wick back up again soon as it is indeed all too easy to lose the habit.

Ashley C.
19 December 2018

Ashley C.

I would say let's not worry too much about the type or amount of exercise we do each day - that just puts people off. But just try to do something that raises your heart rate each day, even just for 2 mins.

Nicky B.
17 December 2018

Nicky B.

I have a punchbag at home and find that it's a great way to do a quick HIIT workout everyday, without having to think much about it. Plus it's very cathartic.

Hugh M.
15 December 2018

Hugh M.

I would love to workout every day but simply spare the time,. But I walk everywhere I can and do random squats throughout the day (!) so that must help, surely!

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