10 delicious clean eating snacks

10 delicious clean eating snacks

Gym goers are often energetic people who enjoy their snacks. Unfortunately, it’s often tempting to grab highly-processed foods like crisps and cakes, which lack nutrition  and create energy slumps.

The key to success is to stock up on a range of clean-eating snacks so that when the munchies hit you have something healthy to grab.

Here’s our round-up of the best 10 homemade snacks which will help you reach your fitness goals and satisfy your taste buds:


A doddle to make and delicious to devour, No-Bake Workout Bars are the ideal snack after exercise. The combination of oats and peanut butter, flaxseed and chocolate ensures a steady and tasty energy boost. Eat them within an hour of working out to ensure you get top benefits from those nutrients.


Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Eggs are nutrient-dense as well as being low in calories. Their high levels of amino acids help build muscle, while the antioxidants in the yolk help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Tip: buy omega-3 enriched eggs, which contain 5 times as much omega-3.


This homemade peanut butter is so much healthier than the bought versions – no trans fats, palm oil, added sugar or salt (unless you choose to). Peanuts are rich in fibre, protein and monosaturated fats, the good type that benefits your heart. Celery is a great base to spread it on, with high antioxidant levels and zero fat.


The goodness of sweet potatoes are combined with chickpeas in this spicy sweet potato hummus. Adjust the spices to your personal taste, sub the chickpeas for lentils if you prefer, and enjoy with raw veggies, wholegrain pitta bread or crackers.


A handful of Chilli-Lime Pumpkin Seeds should satisfy any food cravings until mealtime, and also make a great salad sprinkle or party snack. Toast fresh pumpkin seeds after you’ve scooped out the flesh this Halloween, or buy dried. Both are rich sources of vitamin E and zinc and are a great way to up your protein intake.


Kale crisps are surprisingly tasty and are made from one of the most nutritious vegetables on earth. Kale contains high levels of vitamin C, K, and A, folate, magnesium and iron, making it great for heart, skin and bone health, detoxing and cancer prevention. The crisps also contain 30 per cent fewer carbs than potato-based crisps, which will help your diet efforts.             


This yummy spiced pecan recipe makes a batch of nibbles that taste so great you will hardly  believe they’re good for you. Pecans are among the most nutritious nuts, helping to stop plaque forming in your arteries and lowering cholesterol levels. Swap the pecans for any nut, try maple syrup instead, or omit the egg white for a quick version.


This recipe by Deliciously Ella might just be the answer to those evening sweet cravings. Packed with protein-loaded almonds and cashew butter, nutrient-dense dates as well as healthy fats from coconut, they will give you an instant energy boost.


Ideal for autumn, a comforting vegetable soup is a delicious, nutritious snack and costs just pennies to make.  Use whatever you have in your fridge, portion it up and enjoy it for lunch, breakfast, supper or as a warming drink in the great outdoors.


Looking for a chocolate bar substitute? Healthy fats, complex carbs and unrefined sugars make up these perfectly-portable protein bars at under 100 calories each! Eat straight from the fridge to enjoy their good-for-you-gooeyness. These are a perfect pre-workout energy hit! 

The Author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for PayasUgym. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.


Anastasia K.
8 August 2016

Anastasia K.

Love these tips. Simple and doable! Love the ideas and thought process. Thanks for sharing! I also want to visit my blog http://bigelitehealth.com/

Roger B.
30 December 2015

Roger B.

peanut butter and celery sounds delicious...and happily, look what's in the fridge!

Hannah V.
27 November 2015

Hannah V.

I love peanut butter. Will definitely try with celery sticks

Matthew C.
4 November 2015

Matthew C.

I made the chill lime pumpkin seeds with our leftover pumpkin seeds. They were really really nice.

Sasha B.
30 October 2015

Sasha B.

Glad to see hard boiled eggs on there. They are my staple food for healthy snacking. I eat at least 2 eggs every day, mostly hard boiled. They fill you up and are so healthy.

craig t.
29 October 2015

craig t.

Those quinoa protein bars sound delicious and I shall definitely be trying them as the ingredients are pretty straightforward too, unlike many healthy recipes.

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