7 sweet treats that contain hardly any calories

7 sweet treats that contain hardly any calories

Everyone wants to treat themselves to something sweet at Christmas. But can you be healthy too? Yes! Here’s a selection of low-calorie treats which still have the ‘mmmm’ quality without the guilt.

1. Banana malt loaf

This is an amazingly squidgy bananary treat. The banana flavour is so sweet that it doesn’t need anything on top. 86 calories per slice and great with a hot cuppa!

2. Guzzle Puzzle sweets

At just 145 calorie per bag, and in the shape of different ‘puzzle pieces’, these Guzzle Puzzle sweets are something we’d love to find in our Christmas stocking. With completely natural flavourings including orange, lime, raspberry, cinnamon, and even extracts of spinach and nettle, we reckon they’re probably good into the New Year too! 

3. Sugared almonds

Yes, the non-sugared ones are healthier, but c’mon it’s Christmas! These festive nuts give you all the goodness of the almonds, which includes calcium, magnesium and fibre.

Just four nuts give you half your RDA of vitamin E for a healthy immune system, skin and eyes. 

4. Clotted Cream & Blackcurrant ice cream

This deliciously creamy ice cream is a great alternative to Christmas pudding.

Two small scoops only set you back 119 calories. That’s a reason for festive cheer if ever we heard one! 

5. Frusli bar

Christmas just ain’t Christmas without fruit and nuts. And this cereal bar comes with its own festive flavourings of apple, cinnamon and sultana.

With 25% fruit and 113 calories per bar, it’s another one for the stocking.  

6. Summer pudding

Ok, it’s actually winter now but this lusciously light pudding happily ranks along Christmas pudding as an unmissable seasonal pud.

You can make your own for around 200 calories per serving, plus oodles of vitamin C.      

7. Skinny Dippers minis

They’re new, they’re skinny, and at only 65 calories you can dip one into your mouth guilt free. Even two perhaps?

And remember – the more you use the gym over Christmas, the more treats you can eat!



The Author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for PayasUgym. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.


craig t.
29 December 2014

craig t.

I think some of these are quite 'girly' - but I agree with Phillip that the malt loaf sounds great, perhaps a good snack to take to the gym too.

Roger B.
27 December 2014

Roger B.

magic words at the end - if you work it off you can eat what you want. It's that simple!

Clare R.
26 December 2014

Clare R.

ice cream and ice lollies are great for a sore throat and a cold. That's my excuse, anyway...

Phillip H.
23 December 2014

Phillip H.

have to say even my sweet tooth can't cope with sugary cereal bars - I prefer a small bar of chocolate, not much difference in the calories anyway. That malt loaf looks good!

Tom J.
22 December 2014

Tom J.

I love cereal bars but not sure I'd count them as much of a 'treat'. Perhaps I need to re-think my idea of a treat!!

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