Beware of breakfast. What you should be putting on your plate

Beware of breakfast. What you should be putting on your plate

Breakfast - it’s the most important meal of the day right? Well, yes, but it can also end up being a calorific sugar-laden affair which actually can be detrimental to our health and our teeth.

Some children’s cereals contain as much as 35% sugar, and are not the healthy meals that you might believe. Piles of white toast will clock up both the calories and your salt intake – there is roughly 10% of your recommended daily allowance of sodium in one slice. Breakfasting “like a king” with a hearty fry up might just be to the detriment of your heart if you’re eating one too frequently.

Then there are the sugary jams, chocolate spreads and maple syrups that can creep in to our breakfast agenda, or even things like pain au chocolate, continental pastries, or your pizza leftover from the previous night!

The key to breakfast is to keep it light but tasty. You can still fill up well on the first meal of the day but without adding too many calories and sugar straight off. Think fresh fruit, brown bread toast, porridge for slow release energy and yoghurt. If you want a cooked breakfast then try scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, bacon with the fat drained off, and mushrooms.

Things like granola and peanut butter are good breakfast foods as again, like porridge they release energy slowly. In fact, check out these pre-workout snack foods for some great breakfast ideas.

Bananas, apples, red berries are all great first thing in the morning and your stomach will thank you for not loading up on artificial sugars to start your day.

With a good, balanced breakfast you’ll find your concentration holds out as well as your motivation and endurance, so select well when you wake up and try to resist the lure of the sugary cereals.

Try some of these ideas for a healthy brekkie:

Fresh pineapple, papaya, mango and natural yoghurt – mix tropical fruits to get you in the mood for summer, and to boost your immune system for a light and healthy breakfast.

Porridge with cinnamon, raisins and sunflower seeds – think outside the box when it comes to porridge. Rather than coating in sugar or honey, look for alternative natural sweetness – such as the raisins. Adding a handful of seeds or nuts will boost your energy levels.

Scrambled Eggs with smoked salmon – If you’re feeling a little bit special, and you fancy a hot breakfast, why not try something low fat like this combo. Heap it on brown toast and it’ll taste delicious and give you a fine dose of Omega 3 and protein to set you up for the day.



6 October 2014

I have lidl 45 per cent fruit muesli at only 1.79 for a big bag and its less than 2 per cent saturated fat

Roger B.
28 July 2014

Roger B.

scrambled eggs with smoked salmon is healthy? Does it get better?? One of my favourite treat dishes.

Sarah L.
23 July 2014

Sarah L.

glad to see the warning about sugary cereals - it annoys me that these junk foods are marketed so heavily.

Peter M.
22 July 2014

Peter M.

Breakfast should be what your body type says, not what your taste buds say! Do not forget to drink water as you go through the day, Its more important than what you decide to eat! Always drink 200ml of filtered and preferably Alkalised water 15 minutes before you eat anything.

DeletedFname1007583 D.
30 June 2014

DeletedFname1007583 D.

I love breakfast - any time of the day! You can make it really healthy and filling, and this article has just made me feel really hungry!!

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