Fuel your workout with these 5 power-packed pre-gym snacks

Fuel your workout with these 5 power-packed pre-gym snacks

When it comes to pre-gym snacks, complex carbs are your power animal. A one-two punch of carbs and protein, with a slight kick of sugar to raise your energy levels will help you to get the most out of your workout. Here are 5 energy-boosting snacks to add to your training plan. 

1. Wholemeal toast topped with sliced banana

The slow release of energy of the wholemeal toast will keep your energy levels steady throughout your workout. Bananas are an all-round superfood, but at the gym they provide a much-needed boost to your potassium levels which diminish as you sweat.

2. Greek yoghurt and granola

The mix of slow and fast burning protein in Greek yoghurt provides the perfect base for this pre-workout snack. And the complex carbohydrates in granola will help keep those hunger pains at bay while you work.

3. Apple wedges and natural peanut/almond butter

A lower-carb option, apple wedges and nut butter will give you a quick hit of protein to power your workout. The natural sugars found in apples provide a healthy energy boost that will be quickly expended at the gym.

4. Wholemeal toast with sliced boiled egg

The wholemeal toast provides a nice slow-releasing complex carb to keep you going through your whole workout, while eggs are bursting with protein to support muscle growth while you train.

5. Oats and fresh fruit

A cheap, healthy and delicious breakfast, especially on a chilly winter’s day, oats are the perfect fuel for your morning training session. Add some fruit (berries, banana, apples, insert-your-favourite-here) for a hint of sweetness as well as a quick energy hit. 

A quick bite 30-45 minutes before you train will make the world of difference to your energy and positivity levels at the gym. So what’s your favourite pre-gym snack? Let us know in the comments.


Aaron A.
6 October 2014

Aaron A.

Spinach, cheese and red pepper omelette with baked beans

DeletedFname1007543 D.
18 June 2014

DeletedFname1007543 D.

I fancy that apple with peanut butter! Yum!

Emma C.
16 June 2014

Emma C.

I tend to have a fruity/carby breakfast like yogurt with fresh fruit and some soaked oats. Then I work out a couple of hours after that. I feel more like working out if I've had a light but healthy breakfast.

Trevor D.
15 June 2014

Trevor D.

it's a tricky one - don't want to train on an empty stomach, but eat too soon before and I will get indigestion. A good carby breakfast and a mid morning banana do me for a lunchtime gym session, with lunch afterwards.

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