Are you making these gym mistakes?

Are you making these gym mistakes?

If you’ve made the all-important first step of going to the gym, it’s easy to think that the weight will just fall off with no effort at all.

However there’s a certain amount you need to do when you’re at the gym for the differences to really start showing. Here are some of the mistakes that beginners often make – are you falling into the same trap?

Sweating doesn’t mean calorie burning

You’ve got a sweat on, your face is red, so the weight must be falling off surely? Don’t bank on it.

Sweating simply means that your internal system is working on overdrive and has nothing to do with losing weight. Sweat is liquid, so as soon as you replenish liquids you’ll replenish the weight you lost from sweating.

Machines need to be learnt

Lots of big, shiny machines with weights attached might look exciting and you might well be tempted to jump straight on and start pulling and lifting. This is merely a sure fire way to injure yourself.

Ensure you take the time to go through your gyms induction and learn how to use the equipment properly. You’ll benefit from a better workout and fewer injuries!

Chatting isn’t exercise

Going with a buddy to the gym is great for motivation, but chatting to them will not rid you of any excess weight you might be hoping to shift. Save the conversation for the post-gym coffee shop.

Less than 40 minutes is no good

Exercise is good – yes! But it’s even better when you do between 40-60 minutes every day. There’s good reason for this. In the first 20 minutes your body taps into your sugar reserves (carbohydrates that are stored as blood glucose and muscle glycogen. After 40 minutes you start to burn fat. So anyone looking to maintain a healthy weight needs to be aiming for this amount of time in the gym.


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Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running, strength training, Pilates and Yoga. When she's got time to herself you might find her knitting, or in the kitchen trying out an elaborate recipe - healthy of course!.


Harriet C.
23 March 2018

Harriet C.

Not disagreeing but how does the 40 minute rule reconcile with HIIT principles? I've wondered this a number of times so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,

Lucy C.
29 January 2018

Lucy C.

definitely! And I hope people realise that chatting includes phone use! We need our phones for our payasugym passes, but if people could then put them down for that 40 minutes it would be great. (gnashes teeth..)

Simon J.
29 January 2018

Simon J.

'chatting isn't exercise' - oh yes! Also annoying for those of us who want to use machines and can't because someone is sitting on it talking! And don't even get me started on people chatting rather than lane swimming... argh!

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