New year, new you – or same old ‘fed up’? The January blues can be just post-Christmas anti-climax, or they can be a real case of depression. If the latter, then there are new psychological treatments which work in tandem with medication.

Even if you are just looking at the long gap to Easter, the lessons from these treatments are useful for all of us.

Try these 4 ways to make January happier:


If you believe the TV and the magazines, the whole country is madly socialising in December. There is endless talk of ‘party season’, ideas for new outfits and hints on how not to drink too much. If your mantelpiece isn’t groaning with invitations, you can feel real ‘fear of missing out’.

For most people life is not really like that. There may be the office party, perhaps a friend is having a Christmas ‘do’. Or there may be nothing happening at all. December is a month like any other, so if your diary is clear and you are happy with that – where’s the problem?


All too many people overstretch themselves at Christmas, and January is when it bites back. There is no reason to go into debt for Christmas. If funds are limited, take action. Stop all presents for adults – meet for a meal instead. Agree a budget limit for kids, who can get overwhelmed with too much stuff. Treasure experiences and company, not ‘stuff’.


There is so much evidence that positive people are healthier people.  Stress and worry have real physical effects. Train yourself to be an optimist. Why worry about bad stuff that you can’t control?


We all moan about the British climate, but even in winter it has its moments. Put on the right clothes and go through that front door. Defeat those blues with some fresh air.

If things in January are not as you want them to be, it is a perfect time to make some changes. Here’s to a really happy January - and new year - for all.


The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


george h.
12 January 2018

george h.

After Dec I always feel I need January to get back on track and back into a workout routine. which helps the mood.

Lucy C.
10 January 2018

Lucy C.

my walking group is having the Christmas lunch next week - we prefer that, a good walk and a good meal is a perfect way to deal with January blues without the sparkly season pressure.

Jim R.
9 January 2018

Jim R.

being a bit of a grinch, I neither give nor expect presents at christmas - I am fortunate to have all I need and I really don't want 'stuff'. I think now is a really good time to set this expectation; declare an adult 'cease fire' and save money to spend on fitness!

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