Modern fitness centres have come a very long way from their basic roots. A gym shelters you from the wrong weather, gives you company and instruction for your workout and can even boost your social life. It is essential that you find the right gym for you – but with so many now available, how do you make that choice?

Here are the top five things to consider when choosing a gym.


This is all that matters when you buy a house, and it is also pretty important when choosing your gym. The best gym in the world is no use at all if you never get there! Think about when you will be using the gym. This will help you to decide whether it needs to be close to work or close to home.


Just as important is that the gym provides the workout that you want to do. That may be a good selection of machines, a spacious free weights area or a particular class that runs at a time to suit.


Check the place out thoroughly on your first visit. No-one wants grubby changing rooms or questionable showers. Equipment maintenance is also vital. Have a look at the kit and ask if something is worrying you.


Do you feel welcome at the gym? Whether beginner or expert, are the staff friendly and helpful? Do you feel as if you ‘fit in’ to the place? These factors are just as important in ensuring that fitness is fun.


None of us are made of money. As in anything else, prices are affected by location and competition. Time of year also has an influence; the January and September peak gym-joining seasons can bring good deals.

With pay as you go passes available by the day, week or month there is no need to commit long term. Make the most of the flexibility to  get the right gym (or gyms) for you.


The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Simon J.
22 October 2018

Simon J.

not sure what it is about this time of year, but there do indeed seem to be good deals. Perhaps everyone says 'I'll do it after Christmas' so those of us who do get out the door are winning out.

Ashley C.
9 October 2018

Ashley C.

For me, the location and price are always the critical factors. I only want the most basic facilities though so that makes it a lot easier for me to choose.

Charlie M.
18 August 2018

Charlie M.

my job moves me around and leaves no time for exercise when away, so a gym has to be close to home. There are a couple of choices and the one I use is the one with the right 'atmosphere'. For me that is serious about fitness, good kit that works and is always available. Not really worried about the cafe and the shop!

Lucy C.
8 August 2018

Lucy C.

'questionable showers' - sadly that rings some bells in places I won't be going back to! Here's to payasyougo passes, I really was glad I hadn't committed to that one.

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