As the daylight hours shorten and the weather worsens, we know it's time to check the car over. Because we really need it to be reliable in cold, damp or icy conditions. We also need to be sure that we can stay on the road with no nasty surprises.

The same applies to your body. It needs to be as fit as possible over the winter months to fend off the colds and the bugs that are flying around this time of year.

Try this 6 point pre-winter health check:

1.      LIGHTS

Have you had an eye test within the last two years? Even if you don’t wear glasses or contacts, an eye health check is still an essential. Most eye conditions are treatable if caught early, and an eye check can also pick up other health conditions.


With darker days comes comfort food. There’s nothing wrong with that if it is the right stuff. Fend off the munchies (and the cake!) with hearty seasonal stews and winter salads. You can even mix it up with a Thai-style vegetable recipe using lots of lovely root veg.


Joints need as much attention as muscles if you are to remain flexible and active in the long term. Colder temperatures can be hard on your suspension, so remember to warm up. Try these moves to help support those hard-working joints.


How are your energy levels? Tired all the time may just mean ‘doing too much’ or it may mean something isn’t quite right. Make sure you get enough daylight and vitamin D, enough sleep and enough exercise. Still not feeling right? Get checked over.


It can be harder to remember to drink enough when you don’t feel warm. Don’t let winter bring bad hydration habits –keeping those fluid levels up is just as important in the colder months.

Regular checks and maintenance helps cars to last longer, and the same applies to our bodies. So give yours just as much attention as your four-wheeled pride and joy!


The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Sean S.
22 November 2017

Sean S.

I find it hard to drink as much in the winter, Cups of tea are easy, but I really don't feel like drinking lots of water.

Paula C.
21 November 2017

Paula C.

My fuel consumption definitely goes up in the winter! But most of it is healthy stews, soups and breads. I think it's natural and instinctive - nothing wrong with it.

Helen P.
19 November 2017

Helen P.

I must admit I kind of neglect my body more in the winter, probably because we can cosy up more. So I will probably do more of a spring MOT!

Lucy C.
17 November 2017

Lucy C.

oh dear - he can always buy a new car but you only get one body! I read some terrifying figures about the number of people who are driving without eye checks. Hope this article may encourage somebody.

Claire H.
16 November 2017

Claire H.

I wish my partner would pay as much attention to his body as much as his car.....though he seems to have no problem with fuel consumption...

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