Struggling to get rid of tummy fat? Here's why!

Struggling to get rid of tummy fat? Here's why!

Spare tyre, muffin top or beer belly – whatever you call it, most of us want it gone.

Excess fat round the waist isn’t just a matter of clothes that won’t fasten. It can actually be bad for your health. That belly needs to go. Here are five reasons why it is a battle to lose it, and how you can win that fight.


The human body is designed to store fat for lean times. Most of us in the developed world won’t be hitting lean times, so that extra fat just goes on accumulating.

While the old standby of calories in versus calories out always applies, make the most of those calories by eating the right food. That means plenty of vegetables, enough protein, the right nutrients and the right carbs. It also means some unsaturated fats from nuts, seeds and oily fish.


The calorie requirement of your body reduces as you age, and hormonal changes in women can also lead to increased fat storage. To add insult to injury, we are more vulnerable to injury as we get older.

So eat with caution and pay serious attention to exercise technique and form.


With the right diet meaning that the coating of fat is on the way out, the next job is to tone those muscles. It isn’t possible to spot reduce, so make sure that your workout is a combination of fat-burning cardio and muscle-building weights.


As well as making us reach for the comfort food, stress means we produce more of the hormone cortisol. There is some evidence that cortisol increases body fat storage. Stay relaxed and stay slimmer.


Less sleep has been shown to mean more weight, and that’s not just because it gives more eating time. Make an effort to get quality sleep, it really will help to reduce your waist.

Keep that stomach under control. It will pay dividends for health as well as looks.

 Spare tyre, muffin top or beer belly – whatever you call it, most of us want it gone.

The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Thomas B.
20 February 2018

Thomas B.

Also unless you get rid of the fat on your tummy no amount of ab work will help, you just build up the muscle under the layer of fat. Have to lose the fat to show the abs!

george h.
5 February 2018

george h.

Agree. Also keep your abs tense and stand up straight at all times. Good posture can lift pounds off you (not literally obviously but it gives the appearance of less fat)

Callum P.
5 February 2018

Callum P.

Metabolism slows as you age, no getting away from that. So you have to work harder. Ultimately you need to stop eating rubbish! it just sits round your middle. And move more!

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