5 fitness tests to see how fit you really are

5 fitness tests to see how fit you really are

There are some really quick ways to find out your level of fitness, and you can do all of them in the comfort of the gym. Give these tests a go to see where you're at - or what you're aiming for!


If you can hold a steady plank, engaging your core for more than 2 minutes then you are doing pretty well.

Here’s what it means for your fitness level when it comes to how long you can hold a plank:

Over 2 mins -  Excellent

75 seconds - 2 minutes - Good

45-75 seconds – Average

Less than 45 seconds – Poor

Chair test

Push a chair against the wall for stability, and then simply see how long it takes you to stand up and sit down 10 times.

You should be getting these results if you’re in the fit category:

Men under 35 – 10 secs or less

Women under 35 – 12 seconds or less

Men 33-55 – under 13 seconds

Women 35-55 – under 15 seconds

Men over 55 – 18 seconds or less

Women over 55 – 19 seconds or less

Press up

This will test your upper body strength. For women it’s fine to put knees on the floor if needed.

Keeping your body in a straight line, lower down until your chest is just off the floor before pushing back. When you start faltering then the test is over.

50 or more – Excellent

25-49 – Good

16-24 – Average

15 or fewer – Poor

1KM run

Your 1KM run time is a good indicator of overall fitness, and here’s what you should be aiming for on the level treadmill:

3 minutes or less – Excellent

Under 3.5 minutes  - Good

Under 4.5 minutes – Average

4.5 minutes or more - Poor

500m row

Focusing on cardio and co-ordination, the row is a great fitness test.

On a Concept2 rowing machine, select to resistance level ten.

Here’s what your time means:

Under 1.5 minutes - Excellent

Under 1.45 minutes - Good

Under 2 minutes - Average

2 minutes or more - Poor

The Author

Patrick Law

Patrick is a keen touch rugby and football player and regular gym goer. He also enjoys long-distance running.


Claire H.
19 September 2018

Claire H.

Blimey, I',m really not very fit if I look at this data. I can only do about 5 pressups, and hold a plank for 1 minute. I have lots of work to do!

Ross J.
29 August 2018

Ross J.

This is quite a high level of fitness you are demanding! Would be interested to know how many can run 1k in 3 mins???

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