5 signs you are not fit

5 signs you are not fit

Measuring fitness is quite a challenge for anyone, and fitness levels vary with ability and age. Fitness can slip away unnoticed, so everyone should keep an eye out for these 5 warning signs:


Resting heart rate is very personal, but the usual range is from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Some individuals go lower than this, but a higher rate in an adult indicates that it is time to look at your health and fitness.


Getting enough sleep is vital for good health. That can be easier said than done when stress or illness makes dropping off difficult. If you’ve attended to the basics of sleep hygiene and are still waking up tired, it can be a signal that you need more exercise. Pleasant physical tiredness is an excellent way to combat insomnia and wake up refreshed.


When you are really pushing yourself, your heart rate can go up as high as 190 beats per minute. As you warm down, your pulse should slow down with you. It should be back to normal within a few minutes. If the rate drops by less than 12 beats in the first minute after you stop, it can be an indication of problems.


An everyday flight of stairs should be only a minor obstacle for those in good health. If the stairs look intimidating, or you are getting to the top breathless, your fitness is not what is should be.


Muffin top, love handles, call it what you will – extra padding round the middle can creep on all too easily. It’s not just a risk to your belt buttons, it is also a risk to your health as it can affect internal organs. There’s no way round it – cut down on the cake and do some suitable exercises.

Recognise any of these?  Lastly, can you do 5 press ups? No? then get down the gym before the problem gets out of control!

The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Paula C.
30 August 2017

Paula C.

I am glad that I work somewhere with lots of stairs, and I really don't find them hard, but using them every day makes a difference.

Lucy C.
18 August 2017

Lucy C.

Sean, middle-age spread seems to start a lot before middle-age for many of us! I pass most of the tests but it is really hard to keep the waistline under control. I shall be working harder on it.

Sean S.
17 August 2017

Sean S.

My resting heart rate is 62 and I am very proud! I guess this means I am fit, even if my waistline seems to be expanding.....?

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