Dare to Bare Legs

Dare to Bare Legs

We all cringe a little at the thought of baring our legs after hiding them away all winter. But a little lifting and toning goes a long way to helping you rock those shortest skirts and shorts.

Add these super-speedy exercises to your workout routine and you’ll be proudly exposing plenty of leg this summer!


Squats are an awesome exercise for legs, and especially effective for thighs. It’s a natural downward movement which makes your legs look and feel much better.

Adding an exercise or stability ball against a wall really focuses on the lower body and will help you maintain proper form. It’s also a great way to start for beginners.

If you’re brave try Single Leg Squats. These will really strengthen each leg and challenge your core.


A couple of minutes of jumping lunges will create tight, toned legs and also give you a bikini backside in a short time.

Jumping lunges are an intense plyometrics move often found in Tabata workouts and High Intensity Interval Training.

Tip: Keeping your trunk upright will target your quads more, and keeping your abdominals tucked in will also work your core. 

Find out how to do the move here.


There are plenty of different ways of doing these.

You can stand on a step at home, or hold a railing and do just one leg with your bodyweight. Perhaps add a dumbbell for extra weight.

At the gym you can do seated or standing calf raises on a Smith machine.

You can just use your bodyweight, or add weights.

When done correctly, the movement should be slow and smooth. This will maximize calf muscle stimulation. 


Suffering from saddlebags? Squat Side Kicks are a great exercise to battle those outer thigh bulges which make you too scared to bare.

Also expect to see improvements in your stability and increased strength to your core.

Inhale as you squat down and don’t extend the knees beyond the toes. Use a chair if your balance isn’t great. Do 30 reps, alternating each side.

For a bigger challenge, go into a deeper squat and kick your legs higher and more slowly. 

The Author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for PayasUgym. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.


Tanya M.
25 May 2016

Tanya M.

After this wobbly legs are guaranteed! Jumping lunges on their own are enough to send me to jelly.

Trevor D.
18 May 2016

Trevor D.

I've had that problem too....crash! The suggestion is to have a soft landing nearby!

Sasha B.
18 May 2016

Sasha B.

Aaagh, just tried a single leg squat. Think I need to work on my standard squats first!!

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