Five Ways to Fire Up a Frosty Workout

Five Ways to Fire Up a Frosty Workout

It’s a slippery slope, both literally and figuratively, when the weather gets colder. Even getting out to the gym is more of an effort when all you want to do it cosy up at home in the warm.

Keeping fit in the cold takes some getting used to. Here are 5 ways to fire up your workout to keep them enjoyable:

1. Double the Warm Up Efforts

The clue is in the name when it comes to the warm up stage of your training – it’s designed to get your body warmed up, your muscles working and your whole system ready to go.

Bodies take longer warm up in winter so dedicate more time and effort to your warm up.

More time dedicated to your static stretches, jumping jacks, squats and any other regular movements in your warm up will help prime your muscles for the session ahead.

Colder temperatures tighten up our muscles so injuries are more likely, making warm ups even more integral.

2. Keep Moving

There is nothing worse than stopping mid-workout. Your body will cool down very quickly and this can feel particularly unpleasant and can make it difficult to keep your muscles active.

Pushing your way through your workout and ensuring you remain at least jogging as you go will help ensure that your muscles remain active.

It is also important to make sure you don’t sit or lie down immediately after your workout (post-exhaustion) as your circulation may drop extremely fast and cause painful muscle stiffness.

3. Switch to Day Time Workouts

If you usually train early in the morning or late at night, try and find a way of squeezing your training in during daylight hours.

Not only is it easier to get motivated whilst the sun is out, the temperatures are usually a little higher too.

What’s more, exercising outdoors (if you can take the cold) when the sun is high in the sky is your best bet at naturally getting a good supply of Vitamin D in the winter. Vitamin D helps keep the bones and joints healthy and can impact on mood.

4. Keep your Fruit and Veg Intake High

There’s no need to carb load to make it through winter. Supporting your immune system with a balanced range of vitamin and mineral rich fruits and vegetables is a must.

Root vegetables, cabbage and fresh wintry salads go down well. Citrus fruits, pomegranates, apples and pears will help boost your vitamin intake and build your resistance to the colder temperatures.

5. Invest in Winter Workout Kit

Working out isn’t about how you look but now’s the time to invest in some serious high performance winter workout clothes. It’s an extra boost and an additional way of motivating yourself when you feel like doing anything but another training session. 

The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Simon J.
21 January 2017

Simon J.

definitely need these tips, looking at the forecast for the week. We are stuck under this damp chilly high pressure and it isn't going anywhere. Pass the beanie hat!

Russell H.
20 January 2017

Russell H.

I'm a bit like Michael, hot food and drink works for me - I'm powered by a massive insulated cup of coffee which keeps me warm when it's properly cold in the gym.

Michael A.
18 January 2017

Michael A.

My solution - hot food! Seriously, have warm breakfast like egg on toast, soup for lunch, curry for tea, it works for me to make me feel warmer.

Sean S.
17 January 2017

Sean S.

I would recommend the winter workout kit. I have thick long running leggings, running gloves and hat. It feels amazing to run in the cold all kitted up properly.

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