Me and My Workout Pal. Why we all need a fitness friend

Me and My Workout Pal. Why we all need a fitness friend

It’s cold. It’s dark. The festive season is only just getting started and already most of us are bored with it. This is definitely a challenging time of year to keep up activity levels.

When it’s cold out there and you want to stay at home, an appointment to meet a friend is a great incentive to get off the sofa. Combine that meeting with some exercise and you get fitness as well as friendship.

Planning in advance is even better – none of us like to let down a friend. When someone else is relying on you to turn up, the path of least-resistance is to do just that and turn up!

A fitness partner won’t just make sure you turn up – they can also improve the quality of your workout as well. Whether it is being a spotter for weights, a trustworthy partner for pairs resistance exercises or simply someone to chat with while running, fitness with a friend works much better.

If you need convincing, check out this list of reasons to work out with a partner.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • Reduce the cost: not only can you share trainer time with someone and halve the price, you can also share a car to the gym and save the petrol.
  • Share a new hobby: scared of being a newbie? Ask a friend to join up with you. Whether it is winter-time exercise classes or summertime watersports, take a pal and enjoy learning together.
  • Share some moral support: any new parent will know the importance of this. Someone in the same situation will really understand.

Too much temptation from the sofa and that comfort food? The answer is simple – phone a fitness friend!

The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Clare R.
26 December 2014

Clare R.

very true - especially on a snowy night.I must not hibernate for the next week - time to phone a friend!

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