Summer body workouts with Jonathan Lomax

Summer body workouts with Jonathan Lomax

It might be hard to believe this morning, but Summer will be here before we know it so we've teamed with Personal Trainer Jonathan Lomax to bring you a series of workouts that will help get your body in shape for the sun...

The Thigh’s The Limit  

This will be my 15th summer as a personal trainer and the one thing I have never failed to notice is that in about 2 months the world beings to panic about what they might look like in their summer clothes or on holiday.

So, in my experience, I start to talk to my clients about their beach bodies now. It’s a great motivator and makes my job of getting them fitter for a summer of outdoor activity even easier. 

Start now and you’ll have the advantage of sculpting a better body and more importantly a healthy one… and you will stay cool while the weather heats up.

What’s the plan?
Over the next four weeks we’ll be concentrating on a different area of the body – so by the time the sun decides to shine properly, there will be nothing you won’t dare to bare. This week it’s all eyes on bums and legs – so get ready to get lunging. 

Why start with the legs? 
Whether you’re an exercise beginner or a regular gym bunny, this is a great area to start with – it contains some of the biggest muscles in your body, and if you do compound exercises that work several muscle groups at the same time, you’ll increase your metabolic rate thus burning fat through your body. 

What about bulking out? 
In the same way that weight is a poor measurement of a good body (muscle weighs more than fat, so you could easily be leaner, and fitter but weigh more), we need to revise how we look at bulk. 

You might see yourself as bigger, but quite often what other people will see is more muscle tone – which is a good thing! It's much healthier the measure your size in terms of how your clothes fit you. If you don’t want your legs to become too big, then think about doing more repetitions with fewer weights to get a leaner shape. 

Great, let’s get training! The workouts below should each be done once a week. The Sculptor is a good one to do on a Monday to start the week and get the metabolism firing on all cylinders and to wash away weekend excess.  

On Friday do The Assassinator to prepare for the weekend’s naughtier moments and finish the week really hammering the big muscles. 

These workouts use supersets (exercises done back to back), weight based compound exercises followed by bodyweight exercises, followed by a cardio vascular interval.

This combination moves the body in and out of the aerobic/anaerobic switch point and in doing so has a more dramatic effect on the metabolism – producing a lean rather than bulky body.

So, let’s get started!

The Sculptor Workout
Main Exercise: 3 sets x 12 Barbell Squats
Superset: 10 x bench jumps
Cardio interval: 30 second spin bike hill sprint
Main Exercise: 3 sets x 20 Leg press
Superset: 10 x Nordic hamstring curls
Cardio interval: 30 second spin bike hill sprint
Main Exercise: 3 sets x 16 Barbell lunges (alternating legs)
Superset: 10 x bench lunge jumps
Cardio interval: 30 second spin bike hill sprint
Main Exercise: 3 sets x bent leg deadlift
Superset: 10 x TRX Hamstring extensions
Cardio interval: 30 second spin bike hill sprint

View a demo of The Sculptor Workout here

The Ass-assinator Workout
Main Exercise: 4 sets x 20 barbell glute/ham bridge
Cardio interval: 1 min spin bike hill sprint
Main Exercise: 4 sets x 20 straight leg deadlift
Cardio interval: 1 min spin bike hill sprint
Main Exercise: 4 sets x 20 dumbbell walking lunges (per leg)
Cardio interval: 1 min spin bike hill sprint
Main Exercise: 3 sets x 20 cable kick-backs (per leg)
Cardio interval: 1 min spin bike hill sprint

View a demo of the Ass-assinator Workout here

Check out our guide to leg machines for an overview on how to do these exerices and get started today!


DeletedFname1011883 D.
10 April 2014

DeletedFname1011883 D.

I was really excited about trying out a summer workout - couldn't agree more that now is the time to start thinking about it. But a lot of the workout details are too technical for me. The demo link is useful, but could you provide a beginner's guide to weight training moves? I'm afraid I don't know my bench lunge jumps from my Nordic hamstring curls...

Sarah L.
8 April 2014

Sarah L.

I'm all for fitness and toned muscles, but we also need a dose of realism. My legs will never look the ones in the photo - I'm just not built that way.

DeletedFname1007583 D.
7 April 2014

DeletedFname1007583 D.

Is The Assassinator really as frightening as it looks?!!

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