Summer body workouts with Jonathan Lomax Part 2

Summer body workouts with Jonathan Lomax Part 2

We're bringing sexy back with part 2 of our Summer workout series with Jonathan Lomax...

Bringing Sexy Back

Ladies, does the thought of a backless, or strapless dress this summer fill you with horror? Are you reflexively reaching for a pashmina to cover your shoulders with? Gents, have you spent so much time working your chest that your shoulders are so rounded you have nearly developed a hunch!  

Firstly, have a think about what you can instantly do to make yourself look better. At the risk of paraphrasing your mother – ‘stand up straight, and don’t slouch.’ 

Anyone, no matter how much they weigh, looks better when they stand up straight. Bad posture is endemic though - the huge bags women carry on their shoulders, or the over-dominant pec muscles the lads can spend hours working on, not to mention how much time we all spend sitting at a desk or peering into tiny screens on our phones, it all adds up, and I’m constantly seeing clients with hunched shoulders and sloping backs, who would look a million times better if they remembered to stand up straight.  

It’s not just a physical thing either. People tend to slump over when they’re feeling hurt or upset (theoretically, we do it to protect our heart and our chest, that’s where most people tend to feel emotional upset). But stand tall and not only will you look 90% better (in essence, you’ll be a better coat hanger for your clothes), but it will have a profound effect on how you face the world. 

So why are we talking about this now? Because the right back and shoulder exercises will have a huge impact on the way you stand and carry yourself. If you get your posture right, you’ll look instantly look and feel amazing read on… 

P.s. I have always throw in some abdominal intervals on weight training days as it makes the workout more intense (heart rate higher) and means you don’t have to isolate them on a specific day, which is boring and not very efficient.

Do this workout once per week

The Sexy Back - Back/ tricpes/ shoulders/ abs

Main Exercise: 3 x 12 wide grip chin-ups
Superset: 12 x parallel bar dips
Abs interval: 20 x Cable crunches

Main Exercise: 3 x 12 wide grip cable rows
Superset: 12 x EZ bar French press
Abs interval: 20 x lying leg raises

Main Exercise: 3 x 12 bent over barbell close grip row
Superset: 12 x reverse dumbbell
Abs interval: 20 x Military crunches 

Main Exercise: 12 x barbell hang clean
Superset: 12 x medicine ball front raises
Abs interval: Swiss ball oblique crunches

Check out a demo of this workout here.

If you missed the legs workouts from part 1, you can find them here. Get started today!


Phillip H.
18 April 2014

Phillip H.

just reading this article has made me raise the head, pull the shoulders back and tighten the abs!

Sasha B.
17 April 2014

Sasha B.

This is especially important for those who work hunched over at desks a lot, like my husband. You need to redress the balance. I will show him this workout which he will find useful for sure.

Trevor D.
14 April 2014

Trevor D.

the old 'stand up straight' is invaluable advice for all of us. As is not carrying too much clutter around in briefcases or handbags. A rucksack is everyone's friend.

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