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Going to the gym without a plan is a bit like trying to cook without a recipe, and the same can be said for any type of exercise or physical activity. Whether you are weight training, participating in a fitness class or getting outside for a run, we’ve found expert advice and tips to help you get the most out of your workouts.

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Why Everyone should do Body Weight Exercises
15 June 2018

Izzy Jeffs

Anyone can benefit from body weight exercises. They can give you a tough workout and build strength and size. They also increase joint stability and health.

Get your upper body into shape with the dumbbell bench press
07 June 2018

Laura Briggs

The dumbbell bench press is one of the best full body moves. Shoulders, triceps, forearms, lats, pecs, rhomboids, lower back, legs and hips all get a workout.

The Amazing Benefits of Strength Training
30 May 2018

Laura Briggs

Cardio is fab for heart health, stamina and losing weight. Strength training is important too. There are a whole host of benefits in a strength training workout

29 May 2018

Patrick Law

Every profession has its myths and the fitness world is no exception. Here are 5 alleged exercise tips that are just plain wrong! | |

Top 5 Training Tips
23 May 2018

Izzy Jeffs

Finding what works for can be trial and error. Here are some top training tips that should help you discover your own path to fitness and good health.

23 May 2018

Kath Webb

We already know that regular physical exercise can help you stay young. So what is it about HIIT that is particularly beneficial? | | community

22 May 2018

Jessica Ambrose

The force of gravity is essential for health. Here is how the power of gravity can improve your health and how to harness that power with bodyweight exercises.

Should you train when you have DOMS?
16 May 2018

Laura Briggs

Strength training is about breaking down muscle fibres so they grow back stronger. Does a workout through DOMS mean muscles aren’t getting the time to repair?

LISS v HIIT, which is better?
15 May 2018

Izzy Jeffs

Which training method is best for you, LISS or HIIT? We’ve got the lowdown on both techniques, helping you to decide the most appropriate for you | PayAsUgym

How long you should hold that plank for
30 April 2018

Jessica Ambrose

The simple but effective plank pose is a great way to strengthen your core. If done correctly there is little risk of back strain due to weak muscles.

25 April 2018

Laura Briggs

A toned flat abdomen involves the right food and the right exercise. Follow these four steps to get a flatter stomach in just four weeks | |

24 April 2018

Jessica Ambrose

There is something that you can do to make a serious difference to your health. That something is cardiovascular exercise. It truly is a wonder exercise

Try this one move to get chiselled abs
17 April 2018

Jessica Ambrose

There's only 1 move you need to exercise your abs, Alternating V-Ups. V-Ups target your transverse abdominis, obliques, upper and lower ab muscles.

One exercise that will transform your body. The Deadlift
11 April 2018

Laura Briggs

Looking to build muscle, raise your metabolism and lose weight? One sure fire way to change the way your whole body looks is by deadlifting |

4 Week Obstacle Course Training Plan
09 April 2018

Izzy Jeffs

4 weeks to go until your obstacle course race? This training plan will prepare you. It includes strength sessions, aerobic sessions and anaerobic sessions.

5 exercises to flatten your stomach and crunch your abs
04 April 2018

Laura Briggs

Quick bursts of intensive exercise are the best way to tone up, boost your mood and flatten your stomach. Here are 5 belly crunching moves to shape your abs

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