5 things not to do if you want a toned body

5 things not to do if you want a toned body

Strange title for an exercise article, possibly. However there are some workouts that won’t get you any significant results if you want to tone.

Working one muscle at a time will not maximise your calorie burn, nor will it build significant muscle.

Here are 5 big mistakes to avoid if you’re looking for tone and definition:

1. Using Machines only at the Gym

Sitting down at the gym machine may look like a good idea but don’t rely on them solely. The problem with these machines is they restrict the way your body moves. Because they limit the amount you move you don’t activate fully all of your muscle fibres. Machines can also put excessive strain on your joints which can lead to injuries.

2. Extended Cardio Sessions

Cardio will help you burn fat and lose the weight but if you keep going then you’ll find you have little to show for it except a tired body. Cardio will keep you lean, but when it comes to definition then you need to focus on more strength work.

3. Crunching and Sitting-Up for Abs

If you’re trying to sculpt yourself a washboard stomach and you’re after a six pack – then forget crunching and sitting-up. Strangely any traditional ab exercises won’t get you the six-pack you’re after.  The key is to burn off the stubborn layer of fat that covers the abs!

4. Repeating the Same Workouts

We like to get into our comfort zones, but where exercising is concerned repeating the same thing over and over is a bad idea. As soon as your body gets used to an exercise you stop seeing results, so to start seeing progress you need to start changing up your routine.

5. Labouring over Long Workouts

Long workouts won’t get you better results. When it comes to sculpting a defined body quality is far better than quantity. This is why HIIT and Tabata training has such good results – quick bursts of high intensity are far better than long drawn out workouts.


The Author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running, strength training, Pilates and Yoga. When she's got time to herself you might find her knitting, or in the kitchen trying out an elaborate recipe - healthy of course!.


Marcus T.
26 October 2017

Marcus T.

HITT alone does not make a fit person in fact it will kill your stamina. When I raced motorcycles I couldn't work out why I was gettin so tired on the track despite regular circuit training and weight sessions. I tried running a steady 2 or 3 miles once a week and over night I could maintain decent speed on the bike without losing concentration or getting tired. HITT like any other form of exercise is only massivley effective until your body adapts. At some point with anything you will have to spend years grinding things out to get to the next level.

Callum P.
5 October 2017

Callum P.

Endurance is important. SO is stamina. I think extended cardio sessions ARE good for you

Jim R.
25 September 2017

Jim R.

the effectiveness of HIIT is almost too good to be true - so much gain in so little time. But yes, quite a lot of pain too so let's seize the day!

Debra G.
24 August 2017

Debra G.

oh good - I needn't feel guilty about not being able to do endless stomach crunches!

Sean S.
18 August 2017

Sean S.

The days of long workouts are gone. I love doing circuit training and tough tabata-style ones. I am dreading getting older when I wont be able to do intense workouts anymore!

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