5k and 10k. The magic numbers of running events

5k and 10k. The magic numbers of running events

It is no accident that so many non-elite running events are over the 5km and 10km distances. The shorter distance (a little over three miles) is a perfect target for new runners, and upgrading to 10km is also very achievable. . As well as strong legs, runners get core strength and cardiovascular fitness, and a workout class or running group will pep up your social life too.

Running events are everywhere: try sites such as Running Bug  to find one that will fit into your schedule.

Which event should I choose?

  • 5km is great for beginners, as the training plan starts at an ultra-achievable ten minute session of alternating one-minute walks and runs. Try the NHS initiative Couch to 5k, which also assumes no prior knowledge or exercise experience at all and takes nine weeks.
  • 10km is more of a challenge but still doesn’t take over your life. Try this training programme to double your distance.

It’s raining – any ideas?

If the weather isn’t playing, take a trip to the gym for your running workout. The treadmill is the obvious indoor version – remember to use the safety strap in case of a fall. You should also vary your indoor workout, so here are some alternative workouts to keep you in running shape.

Have I left it too late for this summer?

Not at all – even if you are starting from that couch, there is still plenty of the season left. The important thing is to get out there, so head to the gym for some training!




Phillip H.
9 July 2014

Phillip H.

one minute walk, one minute run - I can start there. :-)

Olga N.
7 July 2014

Olga N.

I'm a 7-9k runner at best but hoping that I can reach the elusive 10k one day - I think it helps to have these milestones and so many events which use them as a starting point. They mean you have something to train to although after 10k it's time to head towards the half marathon and beyond right?

craig t.
3 July 2014

craig t.

I am doing a 'marafun' with friends which is 5 people sharing a marathon, so 5k each. This is a good way to say you've done a marathon!!

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