Whether it’s on the beach, in the hotel room, or in the tent, bodyweight exercises are a simple, effective way to work out when you can’t get to a gym. They also ensure your training stays constant while you’re travelling.

Most people underestimate how effective bodyweight  exercises are. They can provide amazing results, improving strength, flexibility and muscle tone without the need for any equipment.

And if you think it’s all press ups and lunges, think again. This workout, done every other day or so, will keep you interested and on track wherever you go.

 3 sets of squats (buttocks and legs)


  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Flex your stomach and butt then slowly sit down deeply into a squat.
  • Go as low as possible. The perfect squat is deep, with the hip crease below the knees.
  • Hold at the bottom, then push hard back up to starting position.
  • Repeat 9 more times

3 sets of reverse crunches (abs)


  • Lie on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Palms face down on the floor beside you.
  • Lift your feet, keeping your thighs perpendicular  and lower legs parallel to the floor.
  • Inhale, tense your abs and bring your knees towards your head, tipping your feet towards the sky.
  • Simultaneously roll your pelvis backwards to lift your hips off the floor.
  • Exhale, and slowly lower your legs back down in a controlled manner.
  • Repeat 15 – 20 times.

3 sets of Rolling Side Planks (core and shoulders)


  • Begin in a high plank on your hands and toes.
  • Press into your left hand and twist your body to the right. Balance one foot on top of the other.
  • Extend your right arm towards the ceiling, pressing your hip up. Hold for 3 seconds.
  • Return to plank position and repeat on the opposite side.
  • Repeat 6 times on each side for one set.

3 sets of Bear Crawls (chest, triceps and shoulders)

This is a move you probably haven’t done since you were a kid. But it’s brutally effective and engages the entire body. You will need around 20 yards of floor space to do this.

  • Drop to the floor on your hands and feet. Hands are directly under the shoulders.
  • Rise up on the balls of your feet.
  • Move your right hand and left leg forward simultaneously, then your left hand and right foot.
  • Continue to crawl for 20 yards forward and then backwards.
  • Then move  sideways for 20 yards, then in the other direction for 20 yards. This is one set.

The Author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for PayasUgym. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.


craig t.
30 August 2016

craig t.

These have been very useful to me while I've been camping this last week. All can be done in a tent - except the bear crawl obviously (and you'd look pretty daft doing that round the campsite unless you're chasing after little kids!)

Sasha B.
28 August 2016

Sasha B.

Wow - I have done the side rolling planks and thought they were amazing. Great to have some moves that I have never done before - thanks.

Richard H.
28 August 2016

Richard H.

Plank is the best IMO. Looks easy but when you do it properly is v effective

Trevor D.
27 August 2016

Trevor D.

I have got to try that bear crawl outside tomorrow - it sounds easy but I think I'm going to find just the opposite...

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