Circuit training 101

Circuit training 101

What is it?

Circuit training or ‘Circuits’ involves a range of 6 to 20 different aerobic and resistance exercises performed in succession, in a fast paced class set to music.

Who should take a circuits class?

Circuits is great for beginners and the more advanced as each exercise can be modified. Because the class gives an intense full-body workout, it’s also ideal for the busy person who can only make one workout a week. Whether you’re someone who can’t decide which class to choose, fancies a challenge or just a refreshing change to your workout routine, circuit training is a great choice.

What to expect

Exercises and equipment across all disciplines are included to challenge every muscle group. Expect press ups, skipping, shuttle runs, squat thrusts, rowing, kettlebells, burpees, aerobics, step ups, bench dips and more.

A circuit training class sets out a number of stations with different kit. The instructor shouts out or blows a whistle to the class when to move between equipment and exercises. This ranges between a few seconds or even minutes at each one, with short rests between. The instructor will be there to shout, encourage, check your form and motivate you to keep going. This is one workout where you won’t get bored - routines can be different each week.

Be under no illusions – circuit training is tough. Intense from the start, you will sweat buckets by the end. For sheer cardiovascular activity and calorie burning it’s hard to beat. But it’s also fun, challenging and addictive.

What to wear

Because you’ll sweat, it’s best to wear flexible, breathable clothing which is comfortable to move around in. A pair of trainers will give you flexibility and grip. Finally, won’t forget to bottle of water - you’ll need it!

Fancy trying a class? Try a one-session pass. There’s no commitment. And it’s valid for 30 days.   


craig t.
20 August 2014

craig t.

yes - circuit training is definitely tough. But it's great because changing the equipment you're using makes the time fly by.

Roger B.
7 August 2014

Roger B.

sounds fun - but can you opt out of one bit if you are in a heap on the floor? I'm concerned that I couldn't keep up!

Sasha B.
1 August 2014

Sasha B.

I love love LOVE circuits. A friend introduced me last year and we actually took the whole family to a family session. Children love it because they can do it and don't get bored.

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