Cool workouts are hot right now

Cool workouts are hot right now

Feeling jaded with your workout? Luckily for you, the fitness industry is always coming up with new ideas.  As well as new techniques and equipment, the environment in the gym is always up for change. 

After the hot workout, the newest idea is the cool workout. What is it and what's behind the idea?


It has nothing to do with looking cool as you head to the gym in your active wear. This is a new idea involving doing your fitness routine in a cooled room.

The temperature used is about 16 degrees centigrade, which is that of a pleasant spring day in the UK.

The idea is to be cool enough to make your body work, but not so cold that you shiver or risk muscle strain.


In recent years it has been discovered that adults also have ‘brown fat’, previously thought to be found only in children. This tissue generates heat, and is ‘designed’ into infants and small children to help them stay warm. This may be why kids are completely unbothered by sea and pool temperatures that no adult can tolerate.

Researchers from an American diabetes institute made the initial discovery of adult brown fat, and are continuing their investigations. No-one is touting brown fat as a magic solution to weight loss. However there is some evidence that asking your body to generate heat while working out does effect the calories used.


If the theory is right, you should use more calories when working out in a cooled room.

Many people also find exercise more comfortable in cooler temperatures, as they get less sweaty.

The recommendation for a cool workout is to wear as few clothes as are comfortable. That means that your body has to work harder to keep you warm.


This is a new idea so you may need to ask around. Have a chat with your local gym to see what their climate-control system can do.

You could simply ask them to turn off the heating. You could also look at outdoor fitness or a bootcamp workout.

Go on – join the cool people and get exercising!


The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


craig t.
27 October 2015

craig t.

Lots of these new fangled workouts are just because they're trying to think of something new and quirky to sell us. Surely a standard gym temperature of 16 degrees is adequate?! Or just go for an run outside instead!

Sarah L.
24 October 2015

Sarah L.

I thought the same as Tanya - sure I heard of the other way round! That said, right time of year for this idea!

Sasha B.
23 October 2015

Sasha B.

I have heard this before about running outdoors in the cold. I think coldness in general makes me feel more motivated to work out too.

Tanya M.
23 October 2015

Tanya M.

I'm sure we were all about hot workouts a few months ago - I guess both extremes of temperature have their benefits. I'd never heard of cool workouts before this though so I'll have to see if there are any to try locally.

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