Exercise 101: Pilates Reformer

Exercise 101: Pilates Reformer

The piece of equipment that everyone’s talking about right now is the Pilates reformer. It will change your body shape dramatically.

What is it?

The reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage. This rolls to and fro on wheels within the frame.

There’s an adjustable footbar which can actually be used by the hands or feet, and the reformer has long straps with handles attached to the top end of the frame.

Based on body weight and resistance, this is what makes the carriage easier, or harder to move.

What is it for?

Toning and stretching, the reformer uses bodyweight and resistance to help you get the shape you are looking for.

The description may sound a little like a torture device, but it’s actually far more friendly!

How do you use it?

Any way really! It’s so versatile that you can lie down, sit, stand, pull the straps, push the footbar or with additional equipment.

One piece of equipment is designed to train many different parts of the body and all kinds of exercises can promote length, strength, flexibility and balance.

What are the benefits?

With all the benefits of regular Pilates, the reformer can help improve daily life with better movement and posture, and for some it can help with pain relief, particularly with areas like back pain.

Think six packs, strong back and toned thighs and bums.

How can I learn?

It’s best to start with a class or getting private instruction. Learn the basics of Pilates and then if you enjoy it you might think to get a Pilates home reformer.


The Author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running, strength training, Pilates and Yoga. When she's got time to herself you might find her knitting, or in the kitchen trying out an elaborate recipe - healthy of course!.


Emma C.
17 August 2016

Emma C.

I have tried pilates and really liked it. I have never heard of this though. But pilates doesn't work for everyone. My friend bought a machine for her bad back and it really didn't do much to help, just cost her a few hundred pounds for the machine!

Peter W.
17 August 2016

Peter W.

This is seriously hard, much harder than normal pilates. great workout.

Trevor D.
14 August 2016

Trevor D.

I've heard about this 'other variant' of Pilates but have yet to see a gym that offers it. Will be keeping an eye out as it looks interesting.

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