How yoga can cut your risk of heart disease

How yoga can cut your risk of heart disease

Heart disease has been described as ‘the invisible killer’. We can’t see if our hearts are beginning to become unhealthy. We only know that there is a problem when the symptoms start – and that can be too late. This is definitely a case of prevention being better than cure.

Exercise is one of the most important keys to maintaining heart health. We all know that we need to get moving, but many of us feel intimidated about starting running or taking on a tough gym workout. We need a gentler start into an exercise programme that will grow with us. There is new evidence that yoga not only tones and improves flexibility, but can also reduce the risk of heart disease.

So how does yoga meet the heart health checklist? It is a simple 1-2-3:


Yoga is as much a workout for the mind as it is for the body. It needs concentration and perseverance. The calm atmosphere created by a good yoga instructor in the right environment is guaranteed to take anyone’s mind off problems.


It’s not just about being upside-down! The controlled postures and breathing that are part of a yoga session bring in more oxygen. This improves circulation and has been shown to help sufferers from high blood pressure.


A yoga session is the ultimate in guilt-free ‘me time’. There is evidence that brain activity is improved by yoga, so it may even help you to solve those tricky problems.

Need some different variations?  How about Hotpod Yoga in a warm room? Want to work up more of a sweat? Try Power Yoga to get that pulse racing.

Do your heart (and the rest of you) a favour – book yourself into a yoga class.



The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Trevor D.
30 December 2014

Trevor D.

my feeling too - but the power yoga might solve that one. Will try it out!

craig t.
29 December 2014

craig t.

I have never heard anything negative about yoga, yet I still am not inclined to take it up myself. It's just too....sloowwwww.

Clare R.
26 December 2014

Clare R.

interesting - and also to know that there are different types of yoga.I might try those!

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