Introducing, Unlimited Fitness

Introducing, Unlimited Fitness

When we originally launched PayasUgym we wanted to make it easier for people who needed one-off or short term access to their closest gym, but as our network has grown, so have our products and options, making our service available to more and more people. Now we’re opening our virtual doors to absolutely everyone with the Unlimited Pass.

Become Unlimited

A monthly membership that gives you access to the largest network of gyms, pools, fitness classes and spas in the UK, with Unlimited membership you can visit as many different exercise venues as you like, and any gym, studio or pool up to 3 times per month.

As well as our regular venues, which include health clubs, budget gyms, studios, leisure centres and more, we’ve partnered with a number of premium spas and studios to offer you the best possible fitness experience. And as an Unlimited member you can also visit each of our Premium venues once per month.

Open Your Horizons

With so many different classes and gyms and bootcamps and machines and weights and exercise options available in London, the choice can be overwhelming – and expensive - but now, for £59 per month you can try them all.

Find Your Fit

So if you like the look of the independent gym at the end of your street, but also the hot yoga studio near your friend’s place, and really want to try the spin class near the office too, here’s your chance. Buy an Unlimited pass today – and experience total fitness freedom.

Get your unlimited pass today!Get your Unlimited pass today!PayasUgym CommunityGet your Unlimited pass today!


Roger B.
11 May 2015

Roger B.

great idea - I have friends who work away during the week in varied places, this will really suit.

Matthew C.
10 May 2015

Matthew C.

Sounds an especially good deal for anyone who lives in an area with a large choice of gyms

Joseph M.
6 May 2015

Joseph M.

Thanks for the update! This is really useful for someone like me who works on the move.

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