Piloxing 101

Piloxing 101

By Bethan Townsend

What is it?

Piloxing is a relatively new cardio fusion workout which gives you the chance to send your heart rate through the roof.

More than simple cardio, Piloxing combines the power, agility and speed of boxing with fun, high energy dance moves and then tacks on the targeted flexibility and suppleness offered by Pilates for good measure.

The combination of fun, speed and energy ensures a hard workout which you’ll enjoy and definitely want to try again.

Who should take a Piloxing class?

The brains behind Piloxing designed the programme to make people feel powerful both physically and mentally. Though it is a high energy workout, there are modification options for those with lower fitness levels looking to get in on the action.

What to expect

Expect to sweat and expect to push your limits. The class starts with a quick warm-up and then you’re straight into the high energy backwards and forwards between classic boxing moves and dance moves as well as Pilates. You may find yourself flipping from salsa steps to upper cut and flexible standing Pilates moves. The moves take a little time to get used to but by the end of the class (approximately 45-60 minutes) you’ll be more than up to speed with what’s going on. Loud, fast-paced music guarantees a fun and frenzied experience with fitness at its heart. The weighted gloves add a strength element to every exercise.

What to wear

The lightest workout clothes you can find! Lightweight clothing is a must as Piloxing will get your sweat glands working overtime. You should also keep your workout towel on hand and once you get into it you might want to consider purchasing your own weighted gloves, although they will be provided in each class.



Clare R.
29 September 2014

Clare R.

sounds fun - might take my two left feet to give this one a go!

Sasha B.
28 September 2014

Sasha B.

I have seen this advertised but it's not at my local gym. Hopefully it will get more popular and more gyms will offer it - hint hint.

Roger B.
26 September 2014

Roger B.

always fascinated when a 'never heard of it' comes up in this series. Weighted gloves - that's different! Is it done barefoot as the photo shows?

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