Power Yoga 101

Power Yoga 101

By Katherine Webb

If you like yoga and fancy a challenge, give Power Yoga a try. Here’s the lowdown:

What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is a western term to describe a series of vigorous postures with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. The moves come from Ashtanga yoga. However, unlike traditional yoga which encourages slow movements from pose to pose, power yoga is a tough workout intended to help participants work up a serious sweat.

Who should try Power Yoga?

Classes are aimed at everyone, whatever age, fitness or flexibility. The workouts burn lots of calories and tone the whole body, so it’s a great choice for weight loss. A whole range of workouts are available from beginners, to faster-paced more advanced workouts

Although the emphasis is on improving your body fitness, many participants also find power yoga mentally calming. So it’s a great workout for anyone with a frantic lifestyle. If you want to challenge yourself both physically and mentally, this is the class for you.

What to expect?

Classes will vary according to the teacher. There is no set pattern of postures. But expect a 45 minute class of fast-paced classic moves including dog pose, camel pose and warrior pose. This video will give you some idea:


Prepare to build up a sweat!

You can also expect many benefits from power yoga:

  • Toxins flushed from the body through sweat
  • Weight loss and increased metabolism
  • Strengthened bones and reduced back pain
  • Improved sleep and lowered stress

What to wear?

Ideally, clothing should be tight-fitting for unrestricted movement and allow your instructor to watch your body form. Tight tops are especially recommended to stop it from slipping over your head. Because you’re going to sweat a lot, wear breathable clothing which wicks moisture away from the skin.  A mat is also needed (though usually provided), and a towel is useful. Finally, don’t forget the water bottle!



Clare R.
18 December 2014

Clare R.

yoga pictures always seem to be exclusively female - except for the real gurus who are male. Perhaps some encouragement needed to even it up?

Mike D.
13 December 2014

Mike D.

Strangely enough, being a bloke. I gave this a go a few years ago when it first got popular. I can tell you now - I ACHED the next day in muscles I never knew I had. Well worth a try, especially if you don't do much stretching.

Sarah L.
10 December 2014

Sarah L.

this looks fun - I found normal yoga a bit slowpaced so fancy something more challenging.

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