Strange and wonderful workouts

Strange and wonderful workouts

Forget jogging around the block, or a standard dance class. We’ve got some seriously weird workouts that make those look positively boring.

Here are some of the strangest:

1. Naked gym.

Yes, there is a gym in New York that is offering naked gym classes. If you’re really not sure about it all then you are permitted to wear flesh coloured underwear. The thinking behind this is that you get rid of more toxins without those pesky clothes getting in the way!

2. Jedi combat.

Imagine martial arts crossed with Star Wars. Yep, that’s about it! Grab a light sabre and get moving. Offered across the UK – in London, Milton Keynes and Sussex to name a few, this is a genuine class. And hey, it looks fun. May the force be with you!

3. Gravity yoga

Or bungee fitness/aerial yoga, looks like a whole lot of fun. You get to defy gravity whilst taking a fitness class hooked up to a bungee from above. Unleash your inner child!

4. Doga

Yes, we did spell it correctly. As you may well have guessed doga is simply yoga, but with your four-legged friend. If you feel comfortable getting up close and personal in a yoga class with your dog, then hey, why not!

5. Skateboarding pilates.

Hmm, even we’re not sure about this one. Anything that involves balancing on wheels sounds slightly treacherous. But if you’re looking for a bit of a thrill this one might be right up your street!

The Author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running, strength training, Pilates and Yoga. When she's got time to herself you might find her knitting, or in the kitchen trying out an elaborate recipe - healthy of course!.


Brittany T.
31 March 2018

Brittany T.

all I can say to that is 'eeewwwww' ! And that goes for dog yoga too....

Sarah B.
20 March 2018

Sarah B.

Aerial yoga is brilliant. Tricky but a lot of fun! Um not sure about naked gym though. Unhygenic if nothing else!!!!!!

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