The beer belly busting workout

The beer belly busting workout

Beer belly, muffin top, love handles – call it what you will, stomach fat is more than an aesthetic problem. Fat in this area implies that there is also fat where you can’t see it, surrounding your internal organs. That can present some serious health risks.

There’s no doubt, the gut has to be busted! Think about your calorie intake, and try this simple workout to tighten up the newly-revealed muscles and burn a few more calories.

You need just a mat, a pair of dumb-bells and a resistance band.

Reps and sets are up to you, but to begin with simply divide your available time into three and do as much as you can.


Sumo squat: stand tall with feet slightly wider than shoulders and toes turned out. Raise your arms, then go into a low squat. Push back up from your heels.

Dumb-bell lunge: with a dumb-bell in each hand, alternate lunges on each side. Step forward so that front thigh is parallel to the floor and rear knee nearly touches it.


Burpees:  Squat down on hands and feet. Kick your legs back into a push up, then bring the knees back to your elbows. Finally burst up into a jump. Here is a detailed breakdown of the burpee.

Side-to-side hop: all you need is a small item on the floor. Jump from one side of it to the other and back, raising arms as you jump and keeping floor time minimal.


Bear crawl: down on hands and feet with straight limbs, simply crawl forward, then back. Slow things down gradually to help lower the heart rate.

Sumo side walk: set your resistance band to be tight with feet just over hip width apart. Now step sideways 10 steps, and back 10 steps.

High plank: Like a normal plank, but in a push up position. Other plank variations are available! Hold for a minute if you can.

Finally, stretch out on that mat and let those abs and legs recover. Until the next time!


The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Charlie M.
12 September 2017

Charlie M.

...or indeed to read oneself on realising that matters have been let go on that summer holiday.... those burpees will sort it, I am galvanised into action.

Sean S.
7 September 2017

Sean S.

This is a great article to forward to anyone you know who needs a polite hint they need to tackle their belly!

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