What can yoga do for your body?

What can yoga do for your body?

Yoga is not only a strengthening exercise in its own right; it improves flexibility, complements other sports and helps recovery.

It's for the men, too! Many men struggle with flexibility; yoga can transform your ability to move and strengthen your whole body. 

Yoga can be as easy or hard as you (or the teacher!) make it. It’s accessible for all ages and abilities.

In fact, yoga has a whole host of benefits:

1. Reduces stress

Using a lot of meditation techniques, yoga can help to focus the mind. This allows you to feel relaxed, reduces stress levels and boosts your mood.

Yoga can help you deal with daily life far more easily as it puts you in a positive mindset.

2. Boosts confidence

Removing tension from your mind and focusing you more clearly on your own body, yoga can help with confidence issues.

Connecting with yourself will enable you to connect better with others.

3. Reduces injury

As a balancing exercise, yoga can counteract the pressures of high exertion exercises such as running.

Yoga is concentrated on balancing the body, rather than impacting on joints and muscles is a strenuous way, so the low-impact stretching can help keep your body injury-free.

4. Helps with weight loss

Any exercise can help with weight loss, and yoga is no different. When you start an activity such as yoga you mentally prepare for living a healthier lifestyle which can have a direct impact on weight loss.

5. Increases flexibility and posture

Strengthening and stretching will ensure your posture and flexibility is improved greatly. You’ll walk taller and sit straighter.

Yoga can iron out any imbalances, to realign and bring your body and mind in harmony.



The Author

Patrick Law

Patrick is a keen touch rugby and football player and regular gym goer. He also enjoys long-distance running.


Michael W.
5 October 2018

Michael W.

I would agree that its probably the best exercise to do if you want to age well. Its low-impact and relaxing, just doesn't feel quite effortful enough for me.

Charlie M.
18 September 2018

Charlie M.

while yoga isn't cardio and uses negligible extra calories, the point about encouraging a healthy mindset is valid. That said I have tried it and find it a bit slow for me.

Hugh M.
14 September 2018

Hugh M.

Nice to see a picture of a man as it's all too often portrayed as a female activity. Saying that, I don't do it myself but I know it's meant to be very good - and quite challenging even.

Nicky B.
13 September 2018

Nicky B.

Yoga is fantastic for helping you feeling centred and focussed too. It's the best anti-ageing exercise there is.

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