What is suspension exercise?

What is suspension exercise?

Suspension weight training uses your own bodyweight in a variety of exercise moves whilst using a suspension trainer.  A suspension trainer is basically suspended straps which can be fixed onto an anchor allowing you to perform your exercises in a suspended state. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but it’s incredibly effective.

The most popular type of suspension trainer is the TRX trainer. It offers masses of exercise options for strength, flexibility, balance, movement and stability for all body parts. No wonder it’s becoming a bit of a fitness craze.


  • Core benefits. Because the straps are wobbly it takes a lot of strength and co ordination to  control your body movements. This means every single move works your core and your smaller stabilizing muscles.

  • Efficient. Because the exercises are so effective you don’t have to spend so much time working out. 10 – 20 minutes and you’re done.

  • Flexible. If any move seems too easy a simple adjustment of body position alters the intensity, guaranteeing you a challenging workout every time.

  • Achieve more. Thanks to the suspended support, you can attempt and master seemingly impossible exercises such as the one legged squat.

  • Boosts the basics. Standard exercises such as the plank are more effective. One study had volunteers perform planks on various suspension devices. Results showed that the planks with feet on a stability ball produced the most core muscle activation, whilst regular planks elicited the lowest.


 1. Chest press. This move will develop strength and muscles in less time than traditional press ups. A great choice for beginners as well as the advanced. 


 2. Clock Press. This is a huge core challenge and a great way to improve upper body strength.

3. Pike lift. Work your core, chest and shoulders to the max with this fun but tough exercise.


4. Ham curl This challenging move will make your hamstrings and core burn. But just watch those muscles harden. 


5. Lunges. Sculpt your lower body performing lunges with a suspension trainer.


Interested in trying it? Lots of gyms now offer suspension training, and some are also offering group TRX exercise sessions. Give it a go!


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Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for PayasUgym. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.


Phillip H.
18 September 2015

Phillip H.

this looks fun - if very difficult! Hopefully it will be on the list at my local gym soon.

Frank H.
17 September 2015

Frank H.

There's always a queue for the TRX at my gym and I definitely agree with Sasha it is quite tricky to get used to.

Sasha B.
17 September 2015

Sasha B.

I have tried this and it's effective but trickier than it looks. I had a session with a personal trainer and he got me doing dips. It was blinking hard to balance, and really made my muscles work. Try it if you can though - it was fun!

Mike D.
15 September 2015

Mike D.

I have a mate who does this and he swears it made a huge difference. I haven't seen it offered in my gym before but I definitely like the sound of it.

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