Why you should exercise in the morning

Why you should exercise in the morning

This is the time of year that can be a bit of a challenge for healthy exercise habits. Early darkness, Christmas bumping into Halloween, temperatures crashing – it’s enough to make anyone want to hibernate. November is when we really need those exercise habits to be firmly ingrained, because sometimes willpower just isn’t enough.

This doesn’t mean we can’t set up our habits to make life easier and more productive. Recent research (always good!) has shown that the best time to set up a new habit is the morning. This is particularly true for exercise. Some good things about mornings include:

Higher energy levels - while not everyone is a morning person, there’s no doubt that we all function better before the day wears us out.

With only so many hours and so much energy in the day, mornings are a good time to do what we should¸ rather than what we must. Get yourself exercising while the energy is there, as going to work isn’t an option and so will happen anyway.

That post-exercise glow gives you the right attitude for the day. Grumpy bosses or annoying colleagues always seem less important when you are happy in yourself.

Don’t like the early sunset? If you just want to go home and hide on a dark evening, knowing that the workout is done lets you do exactly that.

Don’t think you have enough time? No problem – here are two five-minute exercises. Try some top tips for a healthy start to the day – and remember, mornings are often cheap rates at the gym.

Let’s make the most of the morning!


The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Matthew C.
9 December 2014

Matthew C.

I am another morning person but can't possibly make it my exercise time as have to get to work. You just have to do it when you can and not feel bad about the perfect time.

Sasha B.
8 December 2014

Sasha B.

Very inspiring. And very true about the morning. I started to do yoga poses to BBC weather every morning at 7.15 and have stuck to it every day for months now. So maybe linking your habit to something else helps.

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