Work it like Ronaldo! Exercise tips from the Portuguese pro

Work it like Ronaldo! Exercise tips from the Portuguese pro

The World Cup is in full swing and even despite England’s less than awe inspiring performance, football fever has definitely gripped the masses. If you want to inject a little of the soccer style into your workouts and hone your body to epic proportions then consider taking a leaf out of Cristiano Ronaldo’s book.

Ronaldo is still named as one of the best players in the world and from his days at Man United is known for his rigid and strict training regime. Portugal may not have stormed the World Cup as they may have hoped but Ronaldo’s strictness and dedication are worth taking note of. Here are some top tips to achieve real results and strive towards that Ronaldo physique.

Box off the Basics

There are some basics that Ronaldo always sticks to. Common sense elements of a work out regime like ensuring rest periods and not carrying out intensive sessions every day of the week. He is also a great believer in running and a minimum of 25 minutes of running is necessary to be worthwhile. Ronaldo also advocates a proper night’s sleep as key to his routine.

Body fat Balance

Cristiano Ronaldo’s body fat level is off the scale, and we mean the bottom of it. The national media have reported he actually has less body fat than the average super model and is able to carry out 3000 sit ups in once session if necessary. Body fat balance is key to Ronaldo’s physique and he recommends 3 to 4 hours of working out in different ways, including running and in his case on the football pitch, in order to keep fat levels balanced. To achieve Ronaldo’s body, the fat levels you retain need to be below 10%.

HIIT Sessions

Though Ronaldo does not carry out high intensity workouts every day they do form a core part of his regime. Whether drills in his football training or sessions he has arranged at the gym, high intensity interval training is proven to work and should be slotted in amongst the other exercises in your regime, such as the running and resistance training.




Frank H.
5 July 2014

Frank H.

Is there anything to say doing 3000 situps a day is better than doing 100? It sounds completely excessive but then I suppose you only have to look at the guy to see the results.

DeletedFname1007583 D.
30 June 2014

DeletedFname1007583 D.

3,000 sit ups in one session? Seriously! THis man is a legend.

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